Samsung Galaxy S4 Problem with Assigned Ring Tones

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“I am experiencing a problem with the assigned ringtones in my Samsung Galaxy S4. Whenever I assign a ringtone to a specific contact, it suddenly reverts back to its default tone the next day. So, I always end up repeating the whole process of assigning a specific ringtone to a contact again.”

This particular Samsung Galaxy S4 problem seems to be experienced by several users based on some forums dedicated to Android like Android Central and XDA Developers.

According to one contributor, when assigning a ringtone that is a custom audio—meaning something that you have created or downloaded somewhere—make sure that it is saved in your phone memory not on the external SD card.

When assigning a custom ringtone saved on your external memory to a particular contact, there is a tendency for the selected tone to revert back to default once you restart your phone, remove its memory card or clear your cache. So, make sure that the ringtone that you will be selecting will originate from your device’s internal memory only.

Also, make sure that the ringtone that you are assigning to your Galaxy S4 contact is not corrupted in any way to avoid issues from occurring when associating it with a contact.

When all else fails, maybe there are corrupted system files in your device which are hindering it from performing its usual functions. If that’s the case, do a Factory Reset. This will repair all your problematic system files and bring back your phone to its factory settings—like when the first time you pulled it right out of its box. Be warned though that the process will erase all your stored data too so be sure to back everything up prior to this.

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Source: Android Central

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