Samsung Galaxy S3 Text Notification Problem

galaxy s3 text notification

A message concerning a Samsung Galaxy S3 text notification problem came in to us through The Droid Guy Mailbag which reads, “Hello, I am curious on the most effective way to get my text notification to start working again.  Suddenly and out the blue, the my Samsung Galaxy S3 text notification icon isn’t populating. The texts in fact come through, I’m just not receiving the notifications. I’ve tried everything possible including checking my settings. I don’t want to do a factory reset because I don’t want to lose all my texts, music and pictures.”

Possible Solutions to the Samsung Galaxy S3 Text Notification Problem

It should be noted that we have discussed possible solutions to this problem already in our article titled, “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Text Notifications Not Showing Up“. So, it is advisable that you should try out the solutions laid down there to fix the issue.

Regarding to the item about third-party apps in the number 2 solution presented in the article, we would like to add that some third-party SMS apps can cause the problem. According to a forum in Android Central, one Galaxy S3 user stated he found out after troubleshooting his phone with a Verizon representative that his ChompSMS app was the culprit. So, we recommend disabling or uninstalling it from your device if you have it to test whether it is the one causing the glitch.

If all else fails, there might be some corrupted system files in your device which were brought about by unreliable apps that you have downloaded before. Unfortunately, the only way to fix them or restore them to their original state is by doing a Factory Reset. Don’t be afraid to lose your data because you won’t if you backup your Galaxy S3 prior to the Factory Reset.

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