Samsung Galaxy S3 SD Card Camera Folder Shows Gibberish Characters

Galaxy S3 SD Card Camera Folder Problem

Recently, this message was sent to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag together with the photo that can be seen above:

“I am experiencing some problems in my Samsung Galaxy S3 SD card camera folder. The problem is that the names of the photos are not appearing as they should be. The filenames of my photos were replaced by gibberish characters.”

How to Fix Galaxy S3 SD Card with Corrupted Filenames

Whenever I encounter glitches in my SD card like when the photos won’t display correctly or the texts appear to be askew, this particular solution always works:

1. Safely eject the Galaxy S3 SD card.

2. Transfer the SD card into the reader of your computer. Do not use the USB cable at this point to transfer files.

3. Move all its files into a directory in your computer. For a more organized way of storing them, make a new folder and label it accordingly. Put all your camera files there.

4. Check the filename of your photos if they are still using the same gibberish texts. Try manually changing them into your preferred filenames.

For a quick way to do this (in Windows-based computers) highlight all your photos using your mouse and right click on one of them while highlighted. Choose rename on the options that will appear and type your desired filename. This would set a filename to all your photos with numbering at the end of each filename.

Click the photos as well to make sure that they are not corrupted.

5. Put back the SD card to your phone.

6. Reformat the SD card using your Galaxy S3.

7. After reformatting, plug the USB cable this time of your phone this time to your computer.

8. Copy all the photos from your computer to your phone.

9. Disconnect the cable properly.

10. Check the transferred files if they are working correctly.

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