Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Problems, Questions, Solutions, Answers [Part 5]

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Do you have problems with your Samsung Galaxy Note 3? This post answered 10 questions/problems our readers sent us. Try to browse the problems below to see if your problem is among the ones that were answered. If not, read the first four parts of our Galaxy Note 3 Problems series.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Problems, Questions, Solutions, Answers [Part 1][Part 2][Part 3][Part 4]

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Samsung Note 3 Real Racing 3 graphics performance issues


Hi Harold,

Have a few questions about the above and I was wondering if you could help. I currently own a Samsung Note 3 LTE international. I notice that Real Racing 3 graphics isn’t that smooth on it at all. It’s quite noticeable when there are lots of cars around. I used the rr3gfx app to adjust the settings to Medium 2 and it worked gameplay was smooth. But recently the rr3gfx app does not work anymore it maybe because of my upgrade to KitKat recently, am not sure. I’m stuck in graphics on High settings. Other games like Nova3,Asphalt 7,8, Frontline Commando, CSR racing all work brilliantly. One would think that with this much processing power it would run the game without a hitch. Any suggestions from you are most welcome cause I have run of them. I used to have this same problem with my SGS 3.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,


Answer: If the problem started after you updated your Note 3 to 4.4 KitKat, then there’s always a possibility that it’s a compatibility issue. Compatibility problems aren’t limited to apps and operating system, it could also be that the new OS version has issues with the phone’s hardware, which will definitely affect the overall performance of the phone.

But the thing is, the problem you currently have is not common. There are not so many Real Racing 3 gamers complaining about the graphics of the game. I, myself, am an avid fan of the game and I use a phone that has specs way lower than yours. I also am using RR3 GFX set to High and the game is so smooth that I don’t experience any lags at all, though I’m still on Jelly Bean.

My suggestion:

  1. Open the Application Manager of RR3 GFX and Force Close it.
  2. Make sure RR3 main application is not running.
  3. Tap both Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons.
  4. Reboot the phone.
  5. Launch RR3 GFX and set your preferred option.
  6. Launch RR3 and see if the problem is still there.

RR3 GFX has a good grip on Note 3’s graphic processing unit (GPU). In case the KitKat version has compatibility issues with the GPU, graphics rendering would surely be affected. But try to observe if the phone is also experiencing performance issues. If so, you need to resolve that one first before you resolve your graphics problem with RR3.

Error download YouTube videos on Note 3


Hi Sir/Mdm,

I`m having problem trying to download from Youtube using Tubemate recently. I`m using Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Kitkat which I had upgraded recently. Not sure whether is this the main cause of the problem. But there`s no problem when using my S2 with Jellybean to download.

Error Prompt:- (pls see attached)

Interrupted: open failed: EACCESS (Permission denied)

FYI, I’d cleared my cache, reinstalled the latest version (TubeMate 2.1.0 build_543) but also to no avail. Appreciate your kind help in this matter. Thank you. CHEERS.Saymen – from Singapore

Answer: There is always that possibility especially when the problem started right after you updated your phone to KitKat. Yes, the most recent version of TubeMate is 2.1.0 but I’m not sure if it’s already KitKat-proof. But of course I assume you have an active, good internet connection. The thing is, the error message looks like there’s an internal problem with either the app or the operating system. Try uninstalling the app and download it from the developer’s website: If that doesn’t help, try doing a factory reset.

Muzei image gets distorted on Note 3

Problem: First I’d like to say thank you I have learned and solved so many issues from your article… I love them.

My issue: a lot of times when I apply a wallpaper or live wall paper like Muzei, the image from the app gets distorted when it is applied to my screen and it really takes away from the photo or live wall paper and I end up having to delete and not use. The Muzei live wall paper would look really good on my Note 3 but when I set the image/background it gets distorted.. please is their a fix for this. Thank you.Jeff

Answer: I cannot agree with you more. I also have Muzei image as my wallpaper on my phone but I haven’t encountered this kind of problem. It seems to me that the size of the screen is one of the factors that caused the problem but I’m not really sure. Why don’t you try installing Muzei extension called 500px for Muzei. See if that helps.

Palm Swipe problems with Note 3

Problem: Hi there!

I am having the same problem as one writer. The palm swipe feature to capture a screenshot does not work, and has never worked as far as I know. I have tried it exhaustively and the settings are enabled. It is annoying that the only way I can currently screenshot is to remove the pen each time. Any suggestions? Thank you.Raquel

Answer: Yes, make sure all necessary settings are enabled. Use the flat edge of your hand, like a karate chop, and your hand should be large enough to cover the screen. Sweep across slowly from right to left. If you still can’t take screenshots, let others do it for you. If they too can’t take screenshots using palm swipe, then there’s a problem with your phone. But  you would revolve around checking and re-checking the settings, make sure the phone is updated as well as the TouchWiz. You may also want to visit the store where you bought it and have the phone checked by their technician. Palm Swipe is one of the core features so it is not very common that a feature won’t work.

Problem with Note 3’s screen during call

Problem: Hi, I’m happy to read your blog. I have a problem in my Note 3. When I call someone the screen turns off but I can finish my call. When I finish the call, I can’t see the screen to end the call so the other person end the call from his phone.

And when I use Viber or Skype when I make a call, the screen turns off and on and then off. Hope u can help me. Thanks in advance.Mohammad

Answer: There is a setting called “Auto screen off during calls” which, I believe, is enabled on your phone. Try disabling this setting and you could prevent the screen from turning off while in a call. But in your case, however, you could turn the screen back on by pressing the Power button. As to the constant turning on and off the screen when using Viber or Skype, I think the problem is app-specific. Make sure you updated those apps, additionally, clear their cache and data to see if the problem is fixed. There is also a possibility that the Gyroscope is causing the problem. If it were the case, recalibrate it and the problem should be fixed.

Problem cancelling calls with power button on Note 3

Problem: Hello, as you probably know, my Note 3 have cool feature that allows you to cancel calls via Power button. This is very handy for users that using S View cover. But, when I allow this feature problem starts. Before KitKat update it works pretty well, but after update it has bug. When someone call to me and I cancel a call everything is OK. But when I call to someone, there is a problem. After cancelation a call by me, notification bar doesn’t roll down anymore, I need to reboot the device. I’m rooted and have custom rom (X note). Do you have some solution for it? Thanks.  — David

Answer: Samsung already revealed that the KitKat update would make third-party accessories, including S View covers, useless because its devices won’t be able to detect them. But after realizing it would greatly affect the business of manufacturers, Samsung promised to release a patch to fix the issue. If you’re using a third-party S View cover, there’s a possibility you’re affected by it.

But as to your other problems, I believe there’s a problem with X Note. You need to contact the developer / modder and report those problems. Custom ROMs, while they’re cool, are subject to bugs simply because they are modified. Try flashing the stock firmware and see if the same problems happen.

Contacts disappearing / reappearing on Note 3

Problem: I have a problem with my contacts disappearing and then sometimes reappearing from my phone. I use Google contacts on my phone. I have already tried clearing the cache from my phone in recovery mode, and clearing the cache and the data from the Google apps on my phone. 

Occasionally when the problem occurs and the contacts disappear I notice in my settings (under accounts) that there is a Google sync error. Usually restarting the phone brings all the contacts back, but that doesn’t work every time.  Sometimes the contacts just reappear on their own about an hour later.

I’d like to keep my contacts synced with Google so any help would be greatly appreciated. — Lee

Answer:  Solve the syncing error and your problem will be fixed. First, make sure you have a good internet connection and sync your phone with your Google account. This procedure will actually save contacts from your Google contacts to your phone and vice versa.

The contacts that would disappear and reappear are the ones that aren’t saved in your phone yet. They would disappear when internet connection is lost or the sync was interrupted. Another way to solve this problem is to import your contacts and permanently save them to your phone.


S View not functioning on Note 3

Problem: Hi. I just got my Note 3 few days ago. I recently found out that the S View is no longer functioning. I’ve checked all the settings and it’s perfect. I have the original Samsung S View cover. I hope that you can solve my problem. Thanks in advance.  — Kenny

Answer: With the phone on, pop open the back panel and remove the battery. Leave the phone without battery for about a minute and at the same time press and hold the device’s Power button to drain stored electric current. Place the battery back and turn the phone on. See if the problem still persists. If it does, you should consider doing a factory reset.

Air Features don’t work on Note 3

Problem: So pleased to find this service. Keep up the good work. It helps us all a lot. Now my problem. Before the latest update my air view and air gesture worked well but now it’s useless. I hope you have a solution for me. Thanks guys.Brian

Answer: Wiping the cache partition will solve this issue. Boot to recovery mode and select ‘wipe cache partition’ then reboot the phone. Air View and Air Gesture are part of Note 3’s core features and the latest update shouldn’t mess them up but since it did, you just need to clear old cached data to allow the phone to cache new ones.

Note 3 problems with T9 keyboard

Problem: Will a T9 keypad ever be added with an update? I can’t use QWERTY. My fingers are too big. The T9 phone keypad was perfect. I just got this Note 3 six days ago, but I lost my old T9 keypad on the new update over a month ago when I had my Galaxy Note 2. I paid for T9 apps and also used free T9 apps as well but they all work horribly. My husband has a Galaxy S4 but will not download his update for this reason. (After he saw what happened to my phone) Please tell me if Samsung will ever be considerate of us T9 folks? And bring it back?  — Latronda

Answer: I am not sure if Samsung chose to get rid of the stock T9 keyboard considering it is very helpful to owners. The thing is, owners always have a choice to choose the kind of keypad that fits their needs so the latest update should have rolled back the settings to use QWERTY keypad. Check if the T9 keyboard option is still available in your device:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings, the choose Language and Keyboard.
  3. Tap Samsung Keypad, then tap Keypad Types.
  4. Choose 3×4 keypad.

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  1. I’ve had two Note 3’s screens go dead in the past week. The phone still works as I can access it via my Galaxy Gear watch, but the screen is gone. No damage to the phone. Anyone else? I’m very upset!

  2. Hello,
    after I’ve upgraded my samsung galaxy note 3 through an official mobile provider to android 4.4.2, I’ve noticed that my screen time out didn’t work. I’ve tried with changing settings, this didn’t help. I’ve also try to turn on and off smart stay function, this didn’t help also. I need to turn off my screen by the button every time,otherwise my screen stays on all the time, draining my battery, which is annoying. Could you help me with this issue?
    Thanks in advance,

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