Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Problems, Questions, Solutions, Answers [Part 3]


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Calendar syncing, RAM management



I’m fairly new to the Android as I’ve been an iPhone user since 2007… I’ve been using this phone for the last 4 days and so far I LOVE it! I have two questions– the first question is to do with Google Calendar. How do I set my ical subscriptions to update more frequently? It seems to take about a day for my daughter’s school calendar to update to my Google Calendar.

The second question is the use of 3rd party RAM managers– namely Clean Master by KS Mobile. I know the Note has its own RAM management system but would it be okay for me to use the app? I read somewhere that I shouldn’t so I deleted it but the app appears to free more space.



Answer: Like your emails and MMS, Google Calendar should by updating as frequent. You just have to make sure you have your mobile data enabled all the time. As to the question if it’s okay to use a third-party RAM manager, well, you can use any RAM management app you want. But the thing is, many of them (I can’t pinpoint which) may have adverse effects to the normal operation of the phone.

Say you updated your phone to the latest Android version but developers of these RAM managers may take weeks or even months before they can release updates for their apps, so there is already a possibility of incompatibility. Another thing is that, Samsung high end phones use TouchWiz UI on top of the stock Android interface, and that’s another possibility of incompatibility. As for me, don’t use third-party RAM managers because they often take up more RAM than the stock management system.

Multiple issues after 4.2.2 update



Am I the only one that has multiple issues after the update to 4.2.2?

This is what I noticed:

  • screen rotation doesn’t work
  • step counter (Noom walk) does not function
  • sleep tracker (Sleep like android) can only track if I restart the device just before I go to sleep
  • mostly cannot save to external SD card (camera ok, Kingsoft office not ok).

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards,


Answer: Okay, so you’re still running Android 4.2.2 on your phone right now when there’s already 4.3 available and 4.4 is just around the corner. By the way, these problems of yours, it seems to me that there was a problem with the installation of the new version. You know what, for me, when it comes to stability Android 4.2 is more stable than 4.3. Best thing to do is do a factory reset, firmware upgrade again and wipe cache partition through the recovery mode. That should do it.

Calendar not syncing

Question: Hi there,

I’m having problems with my Note 3.  About a few days ago I noticed that the standard calendar app as well as the Gmail calendar app are not synching my calendar from online correctly.  Do you have any idea what could be causing it?  I have checked all the settings and still not synching.  Thank you for your time. — R. Alfaro

Answer: I can only see two things here:

First, your mobile data or internet connection has been interrupted. When both mobile data and Wi-Fi are enabled, there are times when the phone switches from one connection to the other. As a result, your internet connection is interrupted as well as the syncing of data.

Second, the apps you’re using needs to be updated. But if they’re running on the latest version, you may need to clear their cache and data. But doing this procedure may delete some of your data, schedules, etc… so beware.

Owner gets ‘Cannot change’ error message

Question: I got my note 3 about a week after released, I’m now on my 3rd replacement. All with the similar problems. All heat up to the extreme, and turn off random times a day. Now when I turn it back on I get a message saying “can not change”. What does that mean? What is it that can not be changed?  Please help! Thanks a lot.Geneva.

Answer: Three replacements? That’s amazing! I don’t know how you did that but what I am interested in knowing is what Samsung technicians tell you about these problems or what there findings were when they examined the phones. I haven’t encountered  “Cannot change” error before so I’m not really sure what to advise. If you have further details, feel free to email us anytime.

Force close problems

Question: I have many apps that are shutting down on my Note 3. They will show the first screen in the app and then pops up a message unfortunately stopped. My favorite app Drippler has not worked in three months,  please help.Kevin

Answer: Did you update your phone to the latest Android version recently? If you did and this problem started to show up, all you need to do is boot your phone to the recovery mode and wipe cache partition. That often helps resolved force close problems like the one you experienced.

However, if you haven’t updated your phone to the latest firmware version, there is a need for you to do a factory reset because some settings may have been messed up. Backup your data before you do this, though, because you might lost them all. Factory reset will delete user preferences as well as some data apps are using to run and store settings. Don’t worry, new set of data will be cached once you reboot the phone.

Prevention information message displays

Question: Hi I have the galaxy note 3 from AT&T and the last couple of months when I’m using the phone no matter what I’m doing I get the prevention information on my phone why does that keep happening on my phone help I need a solution to the problem.

Answer: The prevention information shows up when a third-party app is trying to access files beyond what is expected of it. It does not necessarily mean there is a malicious app in the device, instead there could be out-of-date security certificates. If you were also prompted to update the security certificate of your phone, select ‘Do not show for 30 days’ and then tap ‘Update.’

When prevention information dialog box shows up, tap ‘Do not show for 30 days’ then tap OK. If this problem happens just after you installed a certain application, uninstall the app in question. You would also need to uncheck ‘Unknown sources.’ Go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources.

Note 3 KitKat update in the U.S.

Question: I’m getting really frustrated over the fact that the KitKat hasn’t joined in on the United States with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 do you have any idea when it might? Samsung well probably blow it off as it did with the note 2 for there update.Delfino

Answer: The supposed rollout was in January but it didn’t happen. Just about a couple of days ago, however, Galaxy Note 3 owners in Europe and Asia started receiving notification about the Android 4.4 KitKat update. There is no word as to when the rollout would hit the U.S. shore but it won’t be long now before carriers would make the update available for their customers. As to the exact date, there’s no information about that yet.

Note 3 crackles

Question: This is my 3rd Note 3 from Verizon. The handset on phone crackles at certain, I would say pitches. Obviously I have the volume at the highest but one notch down its fine. The point of the volume being high is to hear better and clearly. But I never got the clarity. I had other phones and never had an issue. Like a Motorola brand. Darn I even have the Galaxy Nexus which all sound clear & crisp.Adrian

Answer: I understand it’s your third phone from your service provider and it’s cool to think they would easily replace units when subscribers want them too but what did they say about the problem, though? If this crackling problem started with the first unit you had, wouldn’t you think it’s more a network issue? I’m not sure if the crackling happens every call or just sometimes but I am confident this would be fixed by using 3G instead of 4G during calls because if it’s not with the network, it’s the phone’s radio signal reception that has problems.

Note 3 displays 2.4GB RAM

Question: I was curious why my note 3 only shows 2.4gb of ram when it’s advertised as having 3gb of ram? That was part of the selling point for me because of it claiming to having 3gb of ram. Could you help me understand this ? Thank you.Roger

Answer: A high-end phone as powerful as the Galaxy Note 3 needs more RAM to run smoothly and to accommodate the need of the apps. But before anything else, engineers already allocated a good amount of RAM to be used by the operating system and apps that are already installed when  you bought the phone. I understand you were expecting 3GB of RAM and that’s what you got, actually. The thing is, about 600MB was allocated to core services thus, you’re only seeing 2.4GB.

Cannot download multiple apps at a time

Question: I was wondering, when I download something from the Google Play Store I am only able to download one thing at a time and I also can not view anything else on the play store until what I’m downloading is finished. Any reason or help would be wonderful!  Thanks in advance!  Ps love this idea to be able to write questions and get help!Heatha

Answer: The Play Store settings in your phone may have been messed up for some reason. Go to Application Manager, and then clear both the cache and data of the Google Play Store app. You may be prompted to setup your account again but after that, try downloading few apps at a time. If that doesn’t help, however, uninstall updates on the Play Store and try again. I hope this helps.

Cannot access certain webpage

Question: Let me get straight to the issue I’m having. I have a note 3 but the problem isn’t restricted to android in my opinion, instead in mobile browser period! I’m finding it impossible to access certain page’s within my company’s website. I’m convinced it’s a mobile browser problem because (1.) I’ve tried every android browser available out there and (2.) my friends can’t get to these page either on their iPhone. I have even gone to my browsers settings and switch from “request desktop site” and I Still can’t get to these pages. Please let me know why I’m able to access these pages from my laptop and desktop but not from any mobile browser, even when I switched on “request desktop site”.Leo

Answer: Is the webpage you’re telling me about uses Flash? If so, there’s no way you can’t see contents of the page through a mobile phone unless you install Adobe Flash on your phone. But honestly, my opinion on this issue is more of an assumption simply because I haven’t visited the website itself. It could have been better if you included the URL of the website. Have you tried asking your company’s IT department about this issue. They have the answer to your question I’m sure.

Wi-Fi problems

Question: I’ve had the Note 2 now the Note 3 and on both I’ve had issues with the WiFi. WiFi calling, text, and Internet. I’m using T-Mobile but from what I’ve read it’s across all cell carriers so it must be the phone or jelly bean itself. I’ve used other phones and tablets without problem on my network. If you like I cold send screen shots but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Thanks for any help.Dennis

Answer: If there’s an available update, try to pull it down and install it to your phone. This is to eliminate the possibility of a software glitch. But if you think it’s a phone problem, the best thing you could do is to do a factory reset and if the problem persists, call your service provider and have the phone replaced. By the way, KitKat is on the way, you may want to wait for it.

Can’t install Pandora 1.7

Question: Hi. I recently upgraded from Note 2 to Note 3 and have a question about Pandora.  I was using Pandora 1.7 on my 2. Now I can’t install 1.7 on my Note 3. Any help or suggestions? Thanks.John

Answer: If you’re trying to install Pandora manually (i.e. using the .apk file), please don’t. Instead, launch the Play Store, then download and install the app from there. If you’re getting an error, feel free to send in screenshots and we will look into it.

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  1. On the Pandora 1.7 issue, UPDATE!!! They’re up to version 5.1.1. Simple solution. I took a break from upgrading Pandora but that was only for about six months while they tweaked their interface on an upgrade I didn’t like. I installed the latest version and it works very well and includes sleep timer and alarm clock functions now. Try it.

  2. On the WiFi problem, sometimes there are carrier configurations that may be the issue. The T-Mob version of the Note 3 that my step-son has is slightly different than my Note 3 from Verizon. I haven’t heard of VZW offering web calling but my texting and Internet work very well through WiFi. I haven’t found a web calling setting on my handset. Call your tech support if you haven’t already and ask to speak with a higher level tech if the one you have on the line isn’t helping. Always ensure you’re calling from another line in case they want to troubleshoot your handset. Good luck!

  3. On the “Cannot access certain webpage” problem, it’s a Flash Player issue. It’s missing. If you’re savvy enough and have a trusted source, you can side load it and run the FireFox Browser and it works. The other option is to ask your IT website people to see if they’ve updated their pages to a version that allowed videos on both Andriod and iOS handsets and tablets. I believe HTML5 is what the standard is today.

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