Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Problems, Questions, Solutions, Fixes [Part 3]

samsung galaxy note 2

This is the 3rd part of our Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problems series and there are 10 issues that were addressed in this post. Browse through the article if there’s an issue close to the one you currently have. If not, then try browsing through the first two parts of the series.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Problems, Questions, Solutions, Fixes [Part 1][Part 2]

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Galaxy Note 2 4.3 update halted

Problem: Hi Droid Guy, I’m using Note 2 running on Android 4.1.2 and recently I have received 4.3 update OTA. I downloaded the file via Wi-Fi network and while installing that the device asked for permission to reboot. After rebooting the software started to install but after 40% of installation the software update just failed for some reason. I checked for memory but there was more than 5GB available. I again follow the entire process but again after 45% the update failed. I tried 2 more times but still unable to update my device. Please help and tell me what the possible case may be.

Answer: There is a huge possibility that the download process was interrupted and the integrity of the package was compromised. It means that there could be some integral parts of the file that weren’t downloaded fully so the installation couldn’t go through. Possible cause of this is bad internet connectivity and unstable server status of your service provider.

The best thing to do is download the package again and this time make sure you have a really stable internet connection. Install the update once the downloading is finished. If this doesn’t work, try connecting your device to your computer and use KIES to pull the update down and install the update from there.

Can’t change Note 2 APN settings

Problem: Dear Droid Guy, I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 T889, unlocked,  but I am unable to change the default APN setting.  Is there something I can do? Thank you if you are able to respond to this inquiry.Peter

Answer: Unfortunately, your APN setting was locked out by your service provider. You may need to call your carrier for it. I understand you can’t edit your APN, but can you create another APN instead of trying to edit the existing one? If you can, then do that and use the one you just created.

In cases like this, you may need to unlock your phone. Additionally, installing a custom ROM would also help, although you would have to root your device to be able to do that, which would void your warranty.

Can’t turn on Note 2 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Problem: Hi, I have a problem with my Samsung Note 2 it won’t connect with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. When I turn it on it go back to off automatically please can someone help me with this.

Answer: This isn’t a common problem with the Galaxy Note 2, however, there were considerably a lot of users who encountered it. But the thing is, it could either be a software or hardware issue. Here are some things you could do to try to fix it:

  • While the phone is on, remove the battery. Press the Power button for a minute while the battery is not inserted. Place the battery back and turn the phone on. See if your Wi-Fi or BT can now be turned on.
  • Remove the SD card and reboot the phone. Check if the problem is resolved. This procedure worked for some users.
  • Boot to Recovery Mode and wipe cache partition. Reboot your phone and check if the problem’s still there.
  • Perform a factory reset. There were claims that problems like this happen after a bad update.
  • Take up a screw driver and loosen the screws a little bit, see if that helps. Other users claim to have fixed this problem by loosening the screws on their phone. Something about the WiFi module contacts may be causing the problem.
  • If the problem persists, however, demand a replacement unit.

Note 2 can’t find newly added music

Problem: Hi, I am using Note 2 for the past 1 year.  After I updated the phone to 4.3 whenever I download music tracks from the Internet they don’t show up in music player. After restart the phone, that’s the time they show up.  What’s the problem? Can you help me? Thank you.

Answer: Actually, there’s no need to do a restart after downloading some tracks off the internet. They may not be found under “Songs” tab immediately but you can surely find them under “Recently Added” tab. Only after you chose one of the tracks and play it that they will be added to the list of “Songs” in your device but not in your “Playlist.” You have no problem here, it’s the usual operation of the phone and nothing is wrong.

Note 2 shows 2 S Note apps

Problem: Hi my name is Saleh and I have a problem with the S Note app from Samsung. The problem started after the Android 4.3 update. I found two S Note apps on my phone and every time a message pops up saying “S Note has stopped working.” It’s making the phone very slow. Is there anyway to solve this problem? Thanks.

Answer: Yes, there are ways to solve this problem. The first is you need to boot to Recovery Mode and wipe cache partition. You know, every app or service needs to cache data during the first time they run to make their operation faster the next time they are launched. After you’ve updated your device, some cached data may have been corrupted and are already unusable. However, your phone is required to look for those data and load their settings. That could be the reason why you’re seeing two S Note apps at a time, which eventually lead to the error message “S Note has stopped working” after the phone detects it’s not possible to run the same apps at the same time. So, you need to clear the old data to be replaced by the newer one.

Secondly, if the first procedure failed, you need to do a factory reset. This will bring the phone back to its original or default settings without rolling back to the previous Android version. While updates often won’t mess up with the settings of your phone but bump your OS to the new version, it is recommended to do a factory reset every after you update your device especially when you noticed the phone runs slower than before.

Note 2 Gmail sync error

Problem: Good day. Recently my Gmail not getting synced in my Galaxy Note 2. I have checked the Setting and it shows sync error. Could you please help me solve this issue. Thanks.Kamal

Answer: First of all, make sure you have an active internet connection either through Wi-Fi or mobile data. If the phone returns the same error after that, go to the Application Manager, find Gmail and clear its cache and data. You may need to setup your account after doing this and you may also lose some of your data. If the problem still persists, there’s no other option but to uninstall Gmail, reinstall it back and setup your account again.

Note 2 freezes randomly

Problem: Hello sir, I purchased my Galaxy Note 2 last year. Recently I updated my phone. After that I caught some serious issues. My phone is hanging simultaneously after every 3 hours. I thought update has an issue so I did factory reset my phone but still my phone got hang. Every time I remove battery and put it again to use phone. I am really worried about it. I am really a serious user. Uses my gadgets with care. So can you please let me know the problem and process to get rid of this situation?

Answer: Try removing the microSD card and observe your phone’s performance. If there’s an improvement to its performance, it could be that the microSD card is causing the issue. Odds are you have a lot of data that the phone would take time reading from it. However, if this doesn’t resolve the issue, do a factory reset and re-flash (install again) your firmware. There is a possibility that the installation was bad.

Additionally, you may need to wipe the cache partition via the Recovery Mode. There could be some corrupt data that the phone may be using.

Note 2 issues with Facebook and SMS

Problem: Hey Droid Guy!

I have 2 issues from my Galaxy Note 2 (not rooted).

  1. 1.    When I want to “share” a photo from my pic gallery, it automatically  says ” unfortunately, the gallery has stopped.” Yes, if I go to Facebook directly, I can upload. In an e-mail or text, I start composing 1st, then I can add a pic attachment.  Just can’t share directly since upgrade. Weird.
  2. 2.    I heard it’s a Samsung thing but when I receive a SMS from friends, I do not receive them right away (usually hours later) even though I’m on Wi-Fi. I HAVE TO be on data? I don’t have unlimited data…I only have 2 gigs worth so I don’t leave it on all the time, only when I’m out and about. but my WiFi is always on when I’m home.

Can anything be done about this? Hope I gave you enough info. Thanks bud! Continued success to you!James

Answer: The first problem is more of an app-specific issue in this case, the Gallery app. However, Facebook integration may have also been affected so there’s a little chance the FB app may also be involved. What you need to do is go to the Application Manager and find Gallery. Force close the app and clear its cache and data. Reboot the phone and open Gallery. Try to share a photo and see if the error message still pops up. If it does, do the same to the Facebook app.

About the second problem, well, you neither need Wi-Fi nor mobile data to receive SMS as long as you have good service. You can turn both and still receive SMS provided you are connected to your provider’s network. If your SMS messages do not come in real-time, it could be that the service is interrupted and it could either be a device-specific problem or network side. Try sending an SMS messages to your own number to see if you can send just fine and receive it almost immediately while observing the service bar. If the message doesn’t arrive, contact your service provider.

Note 2 Bluetooth disappeared

Problem: I had the Bluetooth on my Galaxy Note 2 when I was in the store picking up my phone. I was asking about the speaker they were selling and sales rep I needed to turn on Bluetooth  in order to hear music through speaker. Well now Bluetooth is not there. 

Also now it says no Bluetooth available. This is strange because when I needed it to connect to the wireless speakers it didn’t say no BT available. In the same location it also mentioned a connection for the Gear for the new Samsung Galaxy and now it’s not mentioned either.Stefani

Answer: Okay, Bluetooth is part of the core services that come with the phone. You could only get rid of the BT service when you root your phone but in this case, I believe you’re using an unrooted stock firmware. I’m really confused what you meant by “Bluetooth is not there.” Try going to Settings > Connections tab. You should be able to find the Bluetooth toggle switch from there. For some reason the switch isn’t there, try to do a factory reset to bring the phone back to its original settings. If there’s an available update, download and install it.

Note 2 reverts to default ringtone

Problem: Hello Droid Guy, my problem is that once a week or so, all my custom ringtones are forgotten by my Note 2, and they revert to default.  I then have to go to each one and reset the custom ringtones.  Why is this happening and how can I prevent it? Thanks.

Answer: If your custom ringtones are saved in your external storage or microSD card, this problem would keep on happening. There are always times when the external storage is unmounted for some reason. If this happens, it is expected the phone would revert back to default ringtones as it cannot find the custom ones. Additionally, the phone would also revert during the boot up because Settings are loaded first before the microSD card is read by the phone. To prevent this problem from happening, save the custom ringtones in your phone’s internal storage.

Note 2 freezes when adjusting audio

Problem: Really appreciate your site and have found answers to other issues I have had with my phone, which have been minimal thankfully. I currently have run into something though. Just did the recent firmware update, aside from having to reinstall several apps, I have an issue with adjusting sound via phone settings. It freezes when I go to change the volume, the settings that is. In other words, I click on apps, click on settings, select my device, sound. Select volume and this freezes. Not all of them seem to freeze, I am able to change some, but not most. I have also noticed some of the apps that I had to reinstall are now crashing occasionally, bump and Skype are primary ones doing this. Wondering if there is a known bug with the firmware? Thanks for any help info. Really appreciate it.

Answer: There were actually bugs with the most recent update but not of this nature. My guess would be, the recent update you did may have corrupted some of the data your installed apps were using. If you don’t want to uninstall apps that exhibit the problem then try wiping the cache partition via the Recovery Mode. Observe if the problem still exist. If it does, there’s no  other option but to uninstall those apps and reinstall them back or do a factory reset and setup your phone from scratch. The good thing is, you don’t have to download and install the latest update.

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  1. Hi …my galaxy note 2 is not connecting to wifi and bluetooth …If u try to connect it automatically swtich off wifi and bluetooth

  2. i updated to android 4.3 and dont have any problems its all good i even found a way to root it and disable knox security that locking my boot-loader not allowing me to root the phone my model is n7105T that bought from kogan you need to google something called saferoot to root the device the note 2 toolkit did not work for me. also when kies was downloading the update for the android 4,3 i went into the /c/user/appdata/temp and waited for the 2.1Gig firmware once it was finished downloading and started installing i quickly copied the firmware to a nother disk because kies deletes the firmware after install. i did it couse incase i want flash my phone in the future again.

  3. I’m in the process of a soft reset trying to resolve the wifi connectivity and bluetooth issues. I hope this works!
    No luck. I may be getting a new phone!

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