Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Lighting Issue in Lockscreen

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Lighting Issue in Lockscreen

One reader sent us a message concerning the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 lighting issue in lockscreen. The message reads, “I have been using my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for last 8 months and I have been facing a weird issue for the past 2-3 days. The display of my phone in locked mode lights up every few seconds and turns off eventually. Even if I relock the screen manually, the same continues. I tried booting the device with no use. This majorly effects my battery back-up. I usually charge my phone using my Samsung charger but occasionally I use the Moto G’s charger to charge my device (if it’s got anything to do with it). Please let me know if there is any solution to resolve this?”

How to Fix the Galaxy Note 2 Lighting Issue in Lockscreen

The good news is that nothing is wrong with the device in any way. The issue is not associated too with using another phone’s charger (though it is still highly recommended that the standard charger of the Galaxy Note 2 should be used at all times).

The Galaxy Note 2 lighting issue in lockscreen simply lies in its configuration, specifically in its Quick Glance settings. To disable it, just follow the steps below:

1. Unlock the device.

2. Access Settings.

3. Go to Motion.

4. Uncheck the box on the Quick Glance option.

Note that switching off Motion will disable the Quick Glance feature right away. But if you are just looking to disable Quick Glance while retaining the other motion functions of your device, you have to go all the way to the Quick Glance option and uncheck it.

What is Quick Glance

Basically, Quick Glance provides a quick view of the status of the basic elements of the Galaxy Note 2 when the hand is placed on its front sensors. It will show the user if there are missed calls, unread messages and its other key elements.

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  1. I think it has nothing to with the charger. I have been using the RAVPower 14,000mAh external battery pack to charge my Note 2 and there’s not problem like that happen to me.

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