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Samsung Announces Unpacked 5 Event At Mobile World Congress



Looks like Samsung is first out of the gate to announce their Mobile World Congress (MWC) event’s date. On Twitter, Samsung announced that their Unpacked 5 event will be taking place on Monday February 24th at 8 PM CET.

This event takes place on coincidentally the first day of MWC in Barcelona, Spain.  That’s nice, considering Samsung has lately been scheduling their events a few days before the press shows.

This event is rumored to be where Samsung shows the long-rumored Galaxy S5. Rumors say that the Galaxy S5 will be revealed here and then possibly released before April. Samsung has been purportedly unhappy with how the Galaxy S4 performed in the market, so that might be why they want to launch the S5 before April.

So it’s now only (at the time of this post) a little over two weeks until MWC. Many more rumors will undoubtedly be talked about as we get closer to MWC, and not just for Samsung, but other manufacturers as well. Who else is excited for this year’s crop of flagships?

Source: Samsung

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