Rumor: Samsung’s Galaxy Gear 2 Smartwatch to Run Tizen, not Android

If you were getting excited by the news that Samsung may be launching the second edition of their Android smartwatch the Galaxy Gear 2 during the 2014 WMC in Barcelona, you may want to re-look into your expectations for the watch as a new report claims that the device may not run on Android but on Samsung’s operating system, Tizen.

Samsung galaxy Gear 2

Tizen is Samsung’s troubled operating system that has barely seen the light of the day, and speculators are already pointing at the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 as the most likely device to run on Tizen.  Interestingly, despite all we know about Samsung’s Tizen, nothing is actually so obvious about it considering that no one has actually seen it in action.

A report published in the USA Today claims that this second generation wearable tech may be Samsung’s desperate attempt to give its own operating system a go as a first step in developing software and services of its own.  Samsung is currently the largest smartphone and tablet manufacturer and the company that distributes the most Android devices.

The first generation Samsung Galaxy Gear that was launched as a companion device for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S4 smartphone and did not pick up in popularity largely because of the steep price and the stiff competition from other manufacturers including Sony’s Android powered smartwatch.

While Android is becoming more and more dominant in the smartphone and tablet market and while more and more devices plan or are getting equipped with Android, it is hard to predict just how Samsung’s Tizen will fit in the whole arrangement.  Replacing Android with Tizen is Samsung’s firm decision not to give up on the HTML5-based operating system and to get Tizen out there to create an operating system that will take some of the powers off Google’s hands.

By having devices run Android and wearable tech powered by Tizen, the company is basically protecting its long-term interests but it is a risky and gambling affair as Tizen is untested and will not be the only smartwatch out there – in 2014 we are going to see a ton of wearable techs and most will focus on compatibility and acceptance.  Most manufacturers see Android as the key.

I can’t wait to have a glimpse at a Tizen smartwatch next week.

Source: USA Today via Android Community