Rumor claims Microsoft could allow running of Android apps on Windows Phone

Android appsA new rumor has hinted at what seems like the unlikely possibility of Microsoft allowing Android applications to run on its Windows Phone mobile platform. It is claimed to be just an idea at this moment, so it’s still a long way from coming to fruition. If these reports turn out to be true, it won’t be the first time a major OS will have adopted the vast library of apps from a rival platform, as BlackBerry took this very route with the BlackBerry 10 OS.

However, given the sort of rivalry Microsoft shares with its Android competitors, we actually might not see this plan materializing. The Verge claims that Microsoft might not directly get involved in this process and might allow a third party ‘enabler‘ to do this for them.

This could also have serious repercussions for the Windows Phone developers as there will be no more motivation left for them to work with the platform if they can just as easily get an Android app ported onto Windows Phone. However, Windows Phone users would welcome this move as the platform doesn’t quite enjoy the quantity (or quality) of apps enjoyed by Android users. So it would certainly be a welcome addition from the users’ perspective.

Source: The Verge