Risks of Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S4

rooting the samsung galaxy s4

We received a new message through The Droid Guy Mailbag which asks about the risks of rooting to a Samsung Galaxy S4. The question reads, “Will rooting cause any damage or put my Galaxy S4 at risk? When will we(at Indonesia) get the 4.3 update? its taking so long I can’t wait.”

Potential Risks Encountered When Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S4

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S4 can be very rewarding as it can boost the performance of your device and this will let you gain other administrative privileges that will let you customize it according to your preference. However, there are certain risks associated with it too, here they are:

1. You Might Brick Your Device

The worst that could happen to it if you are not very familiar with the method or you have committed a mistake along the way is that you may brick your device. When we say “brick”, that means you might lose all its functions. Then, it will be nothing more than a piece of non-working hardware.

2. You May Lose Your Warranty

Carriers and manufacturers frown upon the act of rooting due to the risks involved in the process. So, there is a huge likelihood that you will lose your warranty. Although some people who root their devices have been able to get away with this by unrooting and restoring their devices to their original settings.

3. You Might Infect Your Device with Malware

Rooting requires downloading certain tools online. Usually these can be found in websites outside the control of Google. So, if you happened to be unlucky enough to fall into a site that has security issues, there is a big chance that the tool that you are downloading is rigged with malware or viruses.

Arrival of the 4.3 Update

For the second question, the 4.3 update has been out for quite some time. It might not be long until you get it in your location. Also, take note that the schedule of roll outs vary from each carrier, so the best way to confirm its availability in your location is to ask them about it.

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