Revealed: The Specifics of the New Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera

samsung camera

Over the past couple of weeks and especially in the last five or so days, we have seen more leaks and details about Samsung next flagship smartphone the Galaxy S5 than we have other popular Android devices set to feature during the 2014 WMC in Barcelona.  I am talking about Nokia’s X phone, HTC’s The New One and even LG’s G Pro 2.  One of the remaining things we haven’t seen so much detail about is the Galaxy S5’s camera and thankfully, just a few hours ago, full details of the camera emerged and you will be surprised to know just what it is packing and what it is capable of.


We reported about Samsung’s rumored intent to equip the Galaxy S5 camera with an all new next generation LED flash and it turns out to be true.  Samsung’s next flagship smartphone will come with a 16 megapixels rear camera that can capture images at as low resolution as 2.4 megapixels and it will most likely be equipped with a completely new technology sensor dubbed ISOCELL.  The technology lets the camera choose from a range of ISO levels ranging from ISO100 to ISO800 but it will have a standard auto option.  This new Samsung Galaxy S5 camera will be able to shoot video in up to 4K resolution at 30fps and 1080p at full 60 fps.  How cool is that?

The phone itself will feature a new ‘Side Touch’ technology rather than the traditional physical camera button.  The sensor is placed at the bottom right of the phone and it takes a simple tap to activate it.

Camera Modes and Effects

The new camera in the Samsung Galaxy S5 feature different camera modes and brings quite a number of great camera features including a 3D Tour Shot, Continues Shot and Focus Select besides the usual sound and shot, panorama and HDR.  The most popular, in my opinion, are:

Sports mode that takes clear images of images moving fast, Focus Select to make objects stand out against the background, Aqua for taking images under water, Animated Photo to create pictures with animated objects, Drama that takes several objects and merges them in one picture, Golf mode, Rich Tone, Best Face and Best Photo, which you can probably deduce what they do.

A few other modes are also mentioned but there is no description on how they work, so we will probably be seeing even more camera features.  These are Frame Shot, Cartoon, Mosaic Shot, Action Shot, Add Me, Smile Shot, Cartoon and Pet, Vintage and Stop Motion

Samsung’s next smartphone has so many camera effects you will be spoilt of choice.  According to the leaked manual, the camera will have 34 default effects which include Nostalgia, Turquoise, Noir Note, Oil Pastel, Vignette, Moody, Fisheye, Engraving, Vincent, Tint and Rugged just to name a few.

HTC made a killing when it launched devices with a completely new camera.  Will Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Camera be even better?  We’ll know, with certainty, early next week.

Sources: SamMobile via Android Authority