How to Remove Crosshair on Galaxy S2 Screen

crosshair on galaxy s2 screen

A message came in recently from a worried Samsung Galaxy S2 user. According to the sender, he is seeing a crosshair on Galaxy S2 screen. Here is the sender’s complete message:

“I purchased my Samsung Galaxy S2 two months ago. Currently, I’m having difficulties in accessing its network. I noticed a crosshair above my screen for almost six days. I tried everything so please I can’t afford to lose my phone and I’m afraid that it might be a hardware problem. Please I need some help over here, any kind, and let me know of all possible solutions for my issue. I’m looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.”

Removing the Crosshair on Galaxy S2 Screen

Upon doing my research, I stumbled a similar problem in the forums of Virgin Media which also concerns a Galaxy S2 user. The advice which worked according to the user with the crosshair problem on his Galaxy S2 came from an HTC phone owner who claimed to have encountered the same issue before.

Based on the contributor, the problem can be easily fixed using these steps:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Access Developers Option.

3. Remove the check in the box next to Pointer Location.

The same contributor suggested this additional solution too, just in case the first method won’t work:

1. Open Settings.

2. Go to Wireless and Networks.

3. Select File/Data Transfer.

4. Turn off the NFC button.

The problem can be triggered by a corrupted app that you may have installed. Remove any suspicious app that may have had a hand in triggering the issue. But when everything else fails, simply backup your device and perform a Factory Reset to cleanse your system files and remove any errors brought about by third-party apps.

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Source: Virgin Media