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Rdio And Beats Music Looking To Support Chromecast


More and more developers are adding support for the Chromecast, now that the SDK is officially available. Soon, the new Beats Music service along with Rdio are going to be supported on the Chromecast as well.

This comes from both of the services’ respective Twitter accounts. People have been asking the services whether they are looking to add support and it seems that way. Rdio had an earlier tweet that said they are definitely working on it, but it has since been deleted. They probably announced it early by mistake.

However, Beats Music does say that they are “working with Google” to add support to their app. This means that hopefully the service will be updated for the Chromecast soon.

Unfortunately, Spotify is not working on Chromecast at this time. This is disappointing, as many people use the service, including myself. However, according to Spotify, this request has become “uncommonly popular” since Chromecast first launched last summer. Hopefully they change their minds soon.

So Rdio and Beats Music being added to an ever-growing roster of supported apps on makes the $35 dongle even more attractive. Unlike their old Nexus Q, the Chromecast is clearly popular among everyone from nerds to the general public. If you still don’t have one, it’s a steal at $35.

Sources: Rdio, Beats Music, and Spotify via The Verge

Play Store: Chromecast

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