Presumed AT&T-bound Motorola Moto G benchmarked as ‘Peregrine’

Available for a while with Verizon and Boost Mobile and recently released on US Cellular and Aio Wireless, Motorola’s crazy cheap, crazy solid Moto G smartphone may soon add another name to an already pretty impressive roster of US network partners.


As its GoPhone prepaid lineup continues to suffer in terms of media visibility and all-around mainstream popularity, AT&T probably sees the Moto G as the ideal solution for a sudden acclaim boost. So there you have it, a win-win situation, for both the carrier and handheld.

Maybe also for prospective Moto G buyers so far holding off on a purchase due to the 4.5-incher being, well, connectivity challenged. You know, since it’s got 3G support only. Which is fine for its price range, don’t get us wrong, but a little diversity never hurt anyone. Ergo, a slightly pricier G with 4G LTE might go a long way for Motorola Lenovorola.

Long story short, an LTE-enabled G would be positively dreamy, and, though the evidence is slim, we believe such a model may have been tested in GFX Bench. The benchmark authority’s database shows an enigmatic Motorola XT1045 packing a quad-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 chip, which just happens to be the same CPU found inside the G.

Moto G AT&T

This XT1045, codenamed “Peregrine”, also sports a 1,280 x 720 pixels resolution display (another coincidence?), plus runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat. So it’s definitely a Moto G. But why do we think it’s an AT&T-destined G?

Simple, the Android OS Build Product string reads “peregrine_att”. Now, the LTE part I’ll admit it’s a bit of a stretch, as GFX Bench never lists these details, yet remember the scoop from last Friday. Coincidence again? I think not.

Still, a grain of salt nearby is always recommended with rumors, let alone speculations and assumptions. Besides, Aio Wireless is a subsidiary of AT&T, so maybe we’re getting worked up over nothing, and actually dealing with a non-LTE Moto G version already out and about. Everything’s possible, right? Including Moto working on a high-speed G set to cost, say, sub-$200 with AT&T’s GoPhone prepaid plans.

Via [GFX Bench]