Oppo Find 7 debut set for March 19, benchmark lists Full HD display, not 2K

Little-known China-based electronics manufacturer Oppo made its first waves in the Android landscape by partnering with CyanogenMod for the swiveling camera-toting N1 handheld, but it became clearer and clearer over the past few months that the 5.9-incher was just the beginning.


Oppo’s next step in its quest to world domination? A little big thing called Find 7, rumored to go official later this month, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and heavily teased by the company’s very apt social media team of late.

And when I say teased, I don’t mean the usual vague bs-ing Western mobile players can afford to employ, but a much more precise hype-building campaign, which reached its peak when Oppo confirmed Find 7’s size and display resolution: 5.5-inch, with 2K, aka QHD, aka Quad HD.

Only the beast popped up in GFX Bench’s database less than 24 hours ago, and, surprise, surprise, its tested screen res was 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Aka “run-of-the-mill” Full HD. Now, this particular benchmark is not just fairly renowned and prominent, it’s also extremely reliable.

So I highly doubt the info revealed is phony. It’s not very likely the GPU performance test has trouble detecting the new, improved, futuristic resolution either, since Vivo’s Xplay 3S, the world’s first 2K handheld, is listed with 2,560 x 1,440.

Oppo Find 7 benchmark

But I wouldn’t throw myself in the arms of desperation just yet. It’s entirely possible Oppo examined several different Find 7 hardware configurations before settling on the one they’re to offer for sale. Or maybe they intend to beat Apple and Samsung at their own games by rolling out a “Standard” Find 7 version (think iPhone 5c) and “Premium” model (a la iPhone 5s).

Either way, don’t take GFX Bench’s “word” for granted. Just to cover all bases, let’s mention a couple of other specs have emerged via the benchmark, namely pre-loaded Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and a quad-core 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 800 chip.

No 4.4 KitKat? No S805? Sorry, but that’s actually believable, and in line with multiple recent reports.

Back to timelines, it appears the MWC debut gossip was, well, baloney, as Oppo took to Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo a little earlier to post the latest in their long string of teasers. Of course, they’re not spelling anything out for us, but one of the images seems to (not very subtly) suggest the release date: March 19.

Oppo Find 7 teaser

The “where” of the equation remains unclear, though a Western-located event after MWC doesn’t make much sense. So China it is.

One extra tidbit before wrapping up, as surging rumble has Find 7’s rear-facing camera pegged as a top-notch 13.1 MP snapper with, get this, F/1.8 aperture. To my knowledge, that would be the lowest ever number for an Android, nay smartphone period, which would translate into the largest aperture and thus the highest exposure.

In layman’s terms, despite the somewhat average megapixel count (compared with, say, Sony’s Xperia Z1), the Oppo Find 7 could very well deliver the crispest photos around. Not too shabby for an OEM that no one knew existed until maybe six months ago.

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