OmniROM Multiwindow Feature Available To Other ROMs Via Xposed

A lot of customization can be done by anyone on the Android platform. Take for instance the firmware of a particular deivce; this can be replaced by a custom ROM that will bring in new features to it. One such popular ROM that’s gaining popularity is OmniROM that’s best known for features which include the following.

  • Flippable Quick Settings
  • Roadrunner mode
  • Multi-window
  • Daydream enhancements
  • Integrated Performance Control
  • Multi-workspace
  • Color-changeable
  • 3D depth Phase Beam

OmniROM is made by popular developers Chainfire, Xplodwild and Dees_Troy and promises to innovation, new features, transparency, community, and freedom without compromising the user experience.

One of the best features of this ROM is its multiwindow support which allows a user to use two applications at the same time. The applications can be used in two work spaces either in portrait or landscape mode.

Those who are using other ROMs on their device can test out the multiwindow feature using the Xposed Framework. XDA Forum Member LovewuChin created this module which is still in its early stages but is already functional. Some issues may be encountered such as compatibility with specific apps however most of the time it works.

If you have the Xposed module installed on your device then you can test out the multiwindow feature.

  • Support split view and work with two workspaces.
  • Switch app into split view in any situations.
  • Could switch landscape and portrait.

Check out the link below for the procedure in getting this in your device.

OmniROM was introduced last year at the BABBQ (Big Android BBQ). According to its developers “Omni is a chance to get involved, no matter who you are. Developers, whether you’ve been developing apps for a week, or ROM features for 3 years, you’re welcome. Users, we know you want to help out, and we know you’re frustrated when you are told “no bug reports on nightlies”. You want to help out more, and now you can – Omni actively encourages bug reports and feature requests, which can be added to our publicly accessible roadmap. What’s the point in giving you a ROM, and forcing you to not tell us about any bugs you find?”

via xda-developers

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