Next gen Nexus 10 tablet to be made by HTC?

Nexus 10

According to a new rumor, the Nexus tablet that HTC was believed to be working on¬†could well be the next gen Nexus 10. This should mean that HTC will get the much needed attention in the high end tablet segment, keeping ASUS as the likely candidate for the third Nexus 7 tablet. This report stems from Taiwanese site Digitimes, which cites industry sources familiar with the matter. Considering that the first gen Nexus 10 hasn’t really been a great success for Google or Samsung, it’s hard for us to come to conclusions at this point about the likelihood of a successor breaking cover.

HTC isn’t exactly booming at the moment, so the failure of another device will severely hurt the company’s morale. But HTC’s design expertise combined by Google’s marketing prowess makes us hopeful of an HTC made Nexus 10 tablet. The pricing shouldn’t be a major issue as Nexus devices have traditionally gone easy on the customer’s wallets. Any speculations at this point should be taken with a pinch of salt as there’s no concrete evidence to prove the existence of this tablet.

Source: Digitimes

Via: Unwired View