Mugen launches a new 2,800 mAh battery case for the Moto X

Moto X Mugen

Popular manufacturer Mugen Power which is renowned for bringing several external battery packs to the market, has just announced its new offering for the Moto X. This 2,800 mAh extended battery case, will make sure your phone lasts more than twice as much on a standard charge. The Moto X comes with a 2,200 mAh battery by default, which to be honest isn’t quite enough for power users. That’s where this Mugen Power case kicks in. The case has LED indicators on the back to inform users of the battery status.

Priced at $89.50, the case will effectively give you more than 100 percent of your original battery backup (total of 5,000 mAh). The only downside to this arrangement is that bulky looking case which will have to be glued onto your smartphone at all times. This is very inconvenient if you own a customized Moto X with a message or a unique color on the back. However, if battery life takes precedence over looks to you, this case is certainly worth a look. Interested buyers will have to wait for a couple of weeks though, as the case won’t start shipping until the 14th of March.

Source: Mugen Power

Via: Droid-Life