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Motorola talks about the company’s relationship with Google


The Senior VP of Software Engineering at Motorola, Steve Horowitz, spoke openly about the company’s working relationship with Google. He said that even though the Mountain View based giant wanted Motorola to succeed, it wasn’t what Google “needed”. In an extremely candid interview, he further said that Motorola was treated like any other OEM and not like a Google subsidiary. “I waited in the lobby like everyone else”, he said.

Another company executive claimed that any success that Motorola achieved over the past two years is because of the company’s own efforts and not Google’s.

This makes it very clear that all wasn’t going well with the company and Google. As of now, Motorola is being handled by Lenovo, which will help Motorola become a global player and not remain a company with limited ambitions.

The company has claimed that it will continue working on Android in the coming days, with constant software support like the Moto X and Moto G, which is great news for global customers.

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