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Motorola offering a $70 discount on the unlocked Moto X

Moto x

It seems like Motorola wants to clear out the inventory of the Moto X very quickly, possibly to make way for the new flagship which could be announced at this month’s MWC event. The smartphone has now received a $70 discount for the unlocked variants, bringing the price down to $329.99 and $379.99 for the 16 and 32GB variants respectively. Users will have to add an additional $25 if they’re getting the wooden variant.

The smartphone has received discounts innumerable times and the customers will certainly not mind another discount. Motorola is also offering a special discount on the SOL REPUBLIC JAX in ear headphones, where buying one pair will offer a 50% off on the second pair. So if you’re getting the in ear headphones along with the Moto X during checkout, make sure you pick up the second one for half the price. We’re not sure how long these deals will last, but since Motorola hasn’t mentioned an expiration date, we’re hoping it will last through the weekend.

Source: Moto Maker

Via: Android Community

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