Microsoft, Voxx Sign Patent Deal For Android Devices

Microsoft and Voxx announced this Thursday that they have signed a worldwide patent agreement that would allow the latter (formerly known as Audiovox Electronics Corp.) intellectual property licensing for devices running on the Android platform “including rear-seat entertainment devices, tablets and other consumer devices.”

Nick Psyhogeos, associate general counsel, IP licensing of the Innovation and Intellectual Property Group at Microsoft, said that “Microsoft and Voxx Electronics have a history of collaboration, and this agreement further demonstrates the value both companies place on responsible intellectual property licensing.”

Specifics of the deal have not been revealed to the public however it is definite that Microsoft will be receiving royalties from Voxx.

According to Tom Malone, president of Voxx, “Our customers depend on Voxx Electronics to deliver cutting-edge mobile and consumer electronics, and the licensing deal with Microsoft enables us to better deliver those technologies in mobile devices and the ‘connected cars’ of today and tomorrow.”

Voxx is just one of the many companies that have signed an agreement with Microsoft for the use of several Android patents. Other companies such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Acer and Barnes & Noble also have an agreement with Microsoft for them to access specific patents held by Microsoft.

Microsoft is reportedly making $2 billion year in revenue from Android patent royalties. With a 95 percent margin it’s mostly all profit. This figure was arrived at under the assumption that Microsoft gets an average of $5 for every Android smartphone sold and that the company has 70 percent of the market covered by its licensing deals.

Horacio Gutierrez, Microsoft Corporate Vice President & Deputy General Counsel Legal & Corporate Affairs, previously stated that “We have successfully entered into license agreements with nearly all companies on the list of the world’s largest Android smartphone vendors and their manufacturers. In fact, 80 percent of Android smartphones sold in the U.S. and a majority of those sold worldwide are covered under agreements with Microsoft.”

Voxx is an American company that specializes in after-market automotive electronics, consumer electronics accessories, and consumer and commercial audio equipment.

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