LG’s Knock Code unlock demonstrated on the LG G Pro 2

LG G Pro 2

The LG Knock Code unlocking feature made the news after the announcement of the G Pro 2 phablet for being one of the unique ways to unlock a smartphone. Today, we have come across a video demo of this feature which shows off exactly how the feature works. In a short 17 second video, the user unlocks and locks the phone twice to give us a better idea of its functioning. Unlocking can be done with user determined ‘knocks’ which in this case is four and it’s the same with locking the device as well. It is a bit time consuming compared to a standard unlock, so it’s one of those features which you would love to show off with your friends but won’t use it in real life.

This is an evolution of the Knock On feature from the LG G2 which required two taps on the display to unlock or lock the smartphone. Since this feature isn’t hardware restricted, we can expect Knock Code to make its way to the LG G2 in the coming days with the Android 4.4 update.

Source: YouTube

Via: Android Central