Latest Google Play Services update will keep the ‘Verify Apps’ feature running at all times

Verify Apps

A new leak reveals that Google could be planning to keep the ‘Verify Apps‘ feature running at all times to constantly check for any malicious apps that might make its way through the defenses of your Android device. The current security system allows apps to be security checked via Google’s ‘Bouncer‘ feature when they are being installed. But with the Verify Apps feature running in the background, users can be assured that apps don’t spread malicious content after the installation.

In some cases it is noted that even though the app clears Google’s initial security gateway, it starts spreading malware and attacks the system after being installed. This new Play Services update is basically a remedy to that. The update should go live in a few weeks as a standard Play Services update across all Android devices. While the users will not be affected by this change directly, it should be reassuring to know that your device is safe from potential malware attacks.

Source: Computer World

Via: Android Police

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  1. I think that Google, standing up to take care of it’s O.S. ,
    without the consumer having to go through a, third party, internet security,
    suite. Is nothing less than a Godsend,
    and extremely admirable. Go, go, team

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