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International variants of the LG G2 could get the Android 4.4 update soon

LG G2 Android 4.4

A new leak from Greece has spilled the beans on the Android 4.4 update schedule for the international variants of the LG G2 smartphone. According to this leak, global variants of the LG flagship can expect to receive an update notification by next week. This is much before the carrier variants of the smartphone are expected to get the update, which doesn’t surprise us. So in theory, international variants of the LG G2 should have the update by the end of February or maybe by the first week of March, depending on the length of LG’s rollout schedule.

The Korean version of the smartphone already received the update a couple of weeks ago, so it was only a matter of time before global variants got the update. This is only a leak of course, so there’s no confirmation coming from LG directly. But given the accuracy of leaks like these in the past, we’re bound to remain positive on the prospects of an update. We’ll update you with more information as LG makes the update public next week.

Source: TechManiacs – Translated

Via: Talk Android


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