Indian import data exposes Samsung Galaxy S5 zoom, multiple mystery 5.5 inchers

It’s nearly confirmed and set in stone: Samsung plans to unveil the “next big thing” on February 24, just as the Mobile World Congress gets under way, in Barcelona, Spain. The hints and clues are all there, so the Galaxy S5 can’t keep eluding us for much longer.

Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom

Too bad recent speculation got the big guy’s spec sheet all jumbled, as no one seems to know for sure its build, display resolution, battery capacity, number of subvarieties, etc., etc. Basically, we’re certain it’s coming, but everything else is a haze. Kudos to Samsung’s leaksters for pulling that off while keeping the handheld very much in the limelight.

That said, how about we tangle things a little further and add another mystery in the mix? Will the S5 swing by Barcelona’s MWC solo, or are some siblings due for announcements as well? By the by, should we expect the S5 family to be as ample as the S4 line, which continues to get refreshed with bizarro new models essentially every month?

No idea, but here’s a fact for you: an S5 zoom is definitely in the pipeline. Odds are it’ll land down the line, though I wouldn’t rule out an MWC debut just yet. After all, why would Samsung ship it to India for research, development and testing already if the launch was slated for, say, June or July?

That’s right, Zauba import data shows a gizmo believed to be the S5 zoom crossing the Indian border on January 31. The market name isn’t spelled out, of course, but the model number leaves little to doubt. Quick, what does SM-C115 remind you of?

Galaxy S5 zoom

SM-C101 and SM-C105, which just happen to be the aliases of last year’s S4 zoom. Weirdly, the SM-C115 is listed as a “mobile camera”, albeit we might be looking at an innocent typo. Or maybe it’s an intentional “error”, bound to throw us off S5 zoom’s scent.

Well, we’re not biting, Samsung, and I say there’s a 90% chance this is indeed S4 zoom’s follow-up. Any features revealed? Not even a tidbit. Based on what we anticipate the GS5 will be about, its camera-centric kin should probably sport a display of roughly 4.5 inches with 720p resolution, 2 GB RAM, a quad-core Exynos or Snapdragon CPU (or maybe Note 3 Neo’s hexa-core Exynos), 16 GB of built-in storage and microSD support.

As for the actual snapper, fingers crossed for a 21 MP sensor, optical image stabilization and less bulk. Much less bulk, please.

On a somewhat unrelated note, four other unreleased Samsung devices were recently spotted at Zauba, model numbered GT-I9400, SGH-M457, SCH-V479 and SCH-R402. These are clearly phones, specifically 5.5 inchers, though I’m afraid their identities are impossible to crack at the moment.

One moderately educated guess would be they’re some sort of regional Galaxy Note 3 Neo versions, however they seem to use LCD display technology, whereas the Neo boasts a Super AMOLED panel. Sooo, downgraded Neos? Perhaps. Mid-range 5.5 inchers part of a brand new series? Not out of the question either. Guess ultimately, only time will tell.

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