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Huawei Set to Unveil Smartwatch, Smartphone at MWC in Barcelona

When rumors of the first Android smartwatch surfaced, if you are like me, you wondered what purpose it would serve and whether it would be useful enough to make it popular in the gadget market.  From the way things are going, smartwatches are gaining greater acceptance and they just may be here to stay.

Huawei, it is rumored, will jump on to the smartwatch bandwagon during this year’s MWC in Barcelona as it plans to launch a smartwatch too.  The company is said to be preparing to launch the smartwatch at the Mobile World Congress this month alongside a range of new smartphones and tablets. As of now, Huawei is the second Chinese manufacturer that is jumping into the wearables market after ZTE which announced that it was working on a smartwatch too back in November last year.


There isn’t much information about the new Smartwatch from Huawei, the company declined to provide the information, not even whether it will run on Android but this seems to be the general speculation consensus.  Many companies have introduced smartwatches in the market, with Sony being among the first to take the risk.  Samsung introduced their Galaxy Gear smartwatch as a companion for their high end devices and not so long after we were seeing smartwatch designs like Qualcomm’s Toq and rumors of even more to come.

Huawei is also preparing to launch a new smartphone or line of smartphones but they will not be in the line of its flagship smartphone, the Ascent P6.  It is likely that Huawei will introduce a couple of mid-range and budget smartphones targeting the emerging markets.  Rumor has it that Huawei will launch a new flagship smartphone but at its own event later this year.

The WMC will take place in Barcelona, Spain between February 24th and 27th this year and some of the companies expected to headline the event are Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Google, Huawei and ZTE as bigger screens, new display resolutions, better cameras and new devices are expected to be the focus of the participants.

WMC is just 2 weeks away, but keep updated here to know what to expect.

Source: CNET

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