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HTC smartwatch to be based on Qualcomm Toq?

Qualcomm Toq White

A new rumor states that the upcoming HTC smartwatch could be made using the Qualcomm Toq as a reference design. It is believed that HTC will showcase its new smartwatch next week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where a flurry of other smartphones are expected to arrive, including the company’s very own Desire 8 handset.

Given that Qualcomm owns a minor stake in HTC, this news doesn’t come as a surprise to us. Of course HTC would want to give its own touch to the smartwatch, but the core functionality should remain the same with a Mirasol display and the ability to take phone calls and read messages. But as this is still a rumor, we suggest you take it with a grain of salt. HTC is also expected to announce a second smartwatch later this year with the power of Google Now to make use of the best of Android. So the company won’t stop with just one smartwatch, which is great news for the industry. However, the timing of the launches will be very crucial for the company.

Source: Bloomberg

Via: Engadget

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