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HTC receives another setback in the patent suit filed by Nokia in Germany

HTC - Nokia Patent Suit

Nokia has won several patent suits against HTC in Europe, one of which led to the banning of HTC smartphones in the UK. Nokia has now received good news regarding yet another patent suit filed in Germany against HTC. This patent suit pertains to the way smartphones manage and handle the change in networks and the revision level of the networks. The court has found HTC guilty of infringing on Nokia’s patents and has ordered the Taiwanese manufacturer to pay damages to Nokia. This is Nokia’s fourth successive patent suit victory over HTC in in the region, so Germany hasn’t been very lucky for HTC. Even though HTC has licensed the standards-essential patents from Nokia, this particular patent doesn’t come under those patents.

It goes without saying that HTC will challenge this ruling in higher courts, so the matter isn’t quite done yet. This battle could go on for a long time by the looks of it, so we’re not sure if Nokia has any reason to be happy at this point. HTC will hope to get some reprieve from the higher courts as it inevitably files for an appeal in the future.

Source: FOSS Patents

Via: Android Community

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