HTC posts a new teaser video for the All New HTC One

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The All New HTC One is expected to be unveiled next month on the 25th of March, with event invitations already going up. And as with any new release, it is common for the manufacturer to post a few teaser images and videos to hype the inevitable arrival of its new device. HTC has done the same by posting a new teaser video of its upcoming smartphone.

This teaser starts off on a funny note as with any modern commercial where two guys are talking about how great the BoomSound speakers on the HTC One sound. And just as one of the guys begins to talk about the new HTC One, a trumpet starts playing in the background blocking his voice and the phone in his hand (allegedly the new HTC One) is blurred out. Well, this teaser gives us a feeling that HTC is hiding some new BoomSound improvements under the hood, which could be interesting. The smartphone’s twin camera layout on the back is all but confirmed now, so this could be another feature worth waiting for.

Source: YouTube

Via: Droid-Life