HTC One: Problems, Questions, Solutions, Answers & Workarounds [Part 2]


This is the 2nd part of our HTC One Problems and Solutions series. It deals with the most common problems HTC One owners encountered while using their phone. Actual emails from our readers are included in the post. So, if you encountered the same problem, you could use the same troubleshooting steps we provided. If your problem is not included in this post, however, browse through the first part of this series.

HTC One: Problems, Questions, Solutions, Answers & Workarounds [Part 1]

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HTC One won’t charge when it’s on

Problem: Hi, I started having problems with my almost new HTC One (no more than 4 months) and I ran into a website where I found some info and your email, so here I am. My phone was working fine until the last couple of days when I noticed my phone doesn’t charge if it is on. Even if I plug it in the wall or to the computer, it just does not charge. It has to be off. I am absolutely positive that at the beginning, the phone was charging even from my computer, and I haven’t change any settings on the phone at all. Could you help me? Thanks in advance for the info you could share.Georgina

Answer: This problem is not common but everyone who owns HTC One may be able to experience it. Basically, what happens is that the phone seems not being able to detect that it is already connected to the charger that’s plugged into the power source. When plugged into the computer, it won’t be detected and charging is also impossible.

I have a friend who encountered this very same problem and he said you only have to do three things to solve it: turn off Fast Boot (go to Settings > Battery > Fast Boot is located at the bottom), disable Lock Screen, and reboot your phone. HTC One will now charge when it’s on. However, in case the procedure won’t solve the problem, check if the Car Mode was enabled. If so, disable and check if the phone would now charge with its power on.

If all else fail, contact HTC and claim warranty. There were owners who claimed to have experienced this problem and HTC requested them to send the phone in for motherboard swap.

HTC One camera has pink / purple hue

Problem 1: Hi, thanks for Part 1 of your ‘HTC One problems, questions, solutions, answers’ article which I saw on Drippler. I have a problem with my camera when I use it at night.  When I first got my phone, I was able to take amazing photographs at night.  However, after about 6 months, all my night photo’s have a pink hue. Refer to attached photos. I have read on the Internet that this is a common problem associated with the Camera software. Even after upgrading to Sense 5.5, I still have the same problem. Do you have any advice please?Anton

Problem 2: I have a problem when taking a photo. The photo appeared to be distorted with purplish shadow on the photo as in the attached file. This problem is getting worse after recent update to Android 4.4. The purple shadow more obvious if photo was taken in darker place. I hope you can give some advice/steps to overcome this. Thanks.Muhsin

Answer: Based on testimonies from owners who have also encountered this problem, it is more of a hardware issue than software. However, there were also many owners who claimed that this problem can be fixed by updating the phone’s firmware to Android 4.4 KitKat and HTC Sense 5.5.

Others also said that the pink or purple tint would appear when the phone is hot but it would also disappear once the phone cools down. They, however, blame the phone’s camera sensor as the cause. When the update doesn’t fix the problem, it’s time you called HTC and ask for their help. You may be asked to send your phone for repair so make sure you back everything up before doing so. For your privacy protection, perform a factory reset before sending your phone. HTC One technician will perform the same process upon receipt of the phone, too.

HTC One won’t vibrate anymore

Problem 1: Hello, my HTC one suddenly stops vibrating, it happened once before and it came back to normal after a couple of days, the same way it stopped “suddenly.” Well this is the second time it happens , I just wanna know what may be happening , coz it is really disturbing without vibrating… waiting to hear from you.Michael

Problem 2: After the 4.4.2 update on my Sprint phone, I noticed it was fairly swifter than the previous version. Now, out of nowhere, my vibration won’t work. So for example, I lower the volume on my phone just to feel the vibration and the phone will not vibrate like it used to. I went through the settings to see whether or not I did something wrong. But no. I have checked multiple times and the vibration feedback is on the On state, along with my keyboard vibration feedback as well. Even as I’m typing this on my phone, I am getting no vibration feedback. I have tried to restart my phone and nothing. How can I go about fixing this issue? Thanks a lot for your great service and time. We all appreciate it!Oziel

Answer: I really can’t of a better explanation as to why the vibration is lost on HTC One but you might want to check with the service center for it. There is a workaround on this, though. From the Play Store download and install Trickster Mod. You could set your vibration intensity to 3100 (max) just for the sake of having the vibrator to work. And oh, by the way, it requires root so if you’re using an unrooted stock firmware, the workaround’s not for you. But the thing is, it could be a hardware problem or a simply hardware-firmware incompatibility issue so it’s better  you have an authorized technician check on it.

As of this writing, there are no valid explanation from HTC or other online forums that I found, although there quite a lot of issues related to this problem.

HTC One notification light problem

Problem: I use to work for Verizon and purchased an HTC One while I was there. Went through a couple phones before I realized the notification light worked until the update. Factory reset it, and it worked again until the update reinstalled. Completed light test which passed. It’s only the notification light for incoming texts, calls, emails etc. However, it functions to show that it is charging and to show that it is fully charged. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.Michelle

Answer: It could have been just a messed up setting caused by the update. Why don’t you try checking Settings > Display, Gestures & Buttons > Notification Flash and check every box you want? HTC One’s notification LED is actually one of the hardware’s that the company is proud of because it is tied to almost every function in the phone. I think the only thing you can’t do about it is control its color.

HTC One camera app shows stripes on screen

Problem: Hello, I saw your article on the drippler app. I have also a problem with my phone.

Lately when I open my camera app. I get interference stripes along my screen . I don’t quite no how to explain it. But when I take a picture, the picture is clear without any stripes. The stripes always move in the same direction. Across the long side of the phone, never across the other side.

This problem doesn’t occur every time when I open the app. Let’s say one out of five times.

It would be great if you could figure out what this problem is. Thanks in advance for the feedback. — Bart

Answer: This is an uncommon issue and I really can’t figure out what the problem is without getting hold of the phone and examine it closely. But I can see two possibilities here: if it weren’t the camera sensor that’s causing it, it must be the screen. To know that, when the stripe is visible, take a picture. Copy the picture to your computer and see if the stripe appears and if there’s none, it must be a screen problem. In this case, the problem could be just a loose connection or more complicated.

I understand the frustration of having such a really good phone but there’s something not right about it. But you should consider having it checked by an authorized technician or HTC itself.

HTC One sync problems

Problem: Good day. Please I would like some of your help and advice, I have the HTC One and am really enjoying it, and likely I have not experienced any of the problem that you have written about in you first article on the HTC One. What I have started having problems with is the sync manager, I have been using it for about a year now, now all of the sudden I have problems syncing, my contacts still seem to sync but I have so many duplicates now, but my main problem is my photos and music. Thank you so much for your time.  — Andrew

Answer: The first thing you need to check if you have problems with the sync is your internet connection especially the mobile network. Make sure all settings are correct and that your phone gets good service all the time.

If this problem, however, happens sporadically it could be just a connection issue. Of course, syncing would be affected if your internet or data connection is interrupted. However, if the frequency of this issue seems alarming, you might just need to refresh your phone’s memory. One good way to do that on HTC One is to turn off Fast Boot from the Settings > Battery, then reboot the phone.

Why this procedure matters? It’s because Fast Boot can be likened to the ‘hibernate’ on Windows computers. When the Fast Boot mode is enabled on HTC One, which is the default setting, the phone won’t completely turn off. Instead it will sort of “hibernate” so that it could wake up and load faster.

Can’t change lock screen apps on HTC One

Problem: Hi, I’m having an issue with my beloved HTC One. I can’t remove nor add new apps to the stock lock screen. When surfing around for a solution everybody says that you should hold and drag the app icon to a trash can that should show up – but for me it doesn’t.

What’s even weirder is that I’ve actually been able to switch some of the apps before. Now I just can’t  figure out how I did it. Help me? Thank you so much.Johan, Sweden

Answer: I can’t say for sure what’s causing this problem but I know someone who also have experienced this. The difference is we know exactly what caused his problem — his lock screen couldn’t be turned off for some reason. The ‘disable’ option under Lock Screen Mode was grayed out. If this is the same as yours, then here’s what you need to do:

  1. Disable or uninstall FoxFi Device Administrator (in case you have this app installed on your device) first because that may be causing it.
  2. Clear certificates by going to Settings > Security.

Once you can disable the Lock Screen, try disabling it first. Turn off Fast Boot and reboot  your device. Turn Fast Boot on again and enable Lock Screen. Now try to see if you can drag and drop apps. You might also want to use third-party launchers to work around this problem.

How to set HTC One to use 4G

Problem: Hello, two weeks before My HTC One got updated to KitKat 4.4, after this update when I’m on the mobile network it shows only the 3G sign not  “H” or 4G sign when I’m in the 4G LTE area. Please let me know how to change the sign in to 4G. Thank you. Regards.Harith

Answer: First and foremost, change the settings to make sure your phone gets 4G signal:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  2. Choose Settings, and then Mobile Data.
  3. Tap Network Mode, and choose GSM / WCDMA auto or GSM / WCDMA / LTE auto.

When you turn your mobile network to use 3G, the signal that will be received by your phone is really 3G but try browsing the web or downloading something and you will see the 3G turns to H for HSPA.

In case the problem persists, try doing a factory reset to bring the phone back to its original settings.

HTC One switches to Airplane Mode during calls

Problem: Hi. Thanks for the solution to issues on HTC One that I read on Drip. I have been having a problem with a brand new phone right from the beginning. The phone automatically goes to airplane mode in the middle of the call. And sometimes to BlackBerry messenger. Do note, this does not happen if a headset is used. Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance. Best regards.Havelock

Answer: First, if you have battery optimizer applications, uninstall them and reboot your phone. See if that resolves the issue. While there are really good battery-saving apps out there, there is a bunch of really bad ones that could even destroy your phone along the way. Also, try turning off the Fast Boot mode.

Another thing is that, it could be a bug. There are a lot of users who have experienced a problem like this. Try to do a factory reset first and if that doesn’t solve the problem, make sure you downloaded and installed the latest updates. If the problem persists after that, call HTC or bring the phone to the store where you bought it and have it checked.

HTC One text messaging notification doesn’t work

Problem: Hello. Recently my HTC One has been giving me some problems and I came across an article that said to email you if I needed help resolving a problem with an HTC One. It’s only a few months old but lately it hasn’t been alerting me when I get a text message. Sometimes it works fine and will tell me when I get a message but other times hours will go by and when I open the messages app there will be new messages but my phone never alerted me about it. It’s starting to get really annoying. Is there something I can do to fix this? Thank you.Marissa

Answer: While this is a common problem, its manifestation varies simply because there are a lot of factors that could cause it. If you’re using nothing but stock on your phone, make sure that the settings are all correct especially the SMS Messaging app. I don’t want to discredit you but there’s always a possibility that settings are messed up.

If you’re using a different or third-party messaging app, go to Settings > Apps > find the messaging app you’re using > make sure “Show Notifications” box is checked.

If all else fails, a Factory Reset could resolve this problem for sure.

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    People experiencing this problem would be wise to try a different charging cable before taking more drastic measures. Switching from the cable that came with the device to a different cable, whose plug seemed to fit more snugly in the charging port, completely solved this issue for me.

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