HTC M8 Gets Leaked In A Case

Yet another leaked image. As we get closer to HTC’s March 25th press event, we should be seeing even more images of the new HTC One “2”. The code-named HTC M8 (the 2013 HTC One was code-named the M7) is now in a case.

What we’re seeing software-wise is the same as we’ve seen in other leaks, with on-screen buttons and BlinkFeed. Hardware-wise, we can see the dual Boomsound speakers, along with a bigger front-facing camera.

Evleaks also says that the HTC M8 will indeed have two rear-facing cameras, as has been rumored. That’s an interesting design choice, so it’ll be interesting to see how well the cameras perform.

This looks like a great phone, based off the leaks. And now we don’t have to wait that long for HTC to unveil it. If you’re due for an upgrade (or are willing to pay out-of-contract), will you be buying this phone?

Source: Evleaks