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HTC could be working on a Nexus tablet for later this year

HTC Tablet Rumors

The mobile industry isn’t too positive about HTC’s future in the business. But the company is clearly trying its hardest to make a comeback. With the M8 flagship set for an unveiling next month and a smartwatch reportedly in tow, it seems like the company has done plenty of planning for the year. But a new report from Taiwan claims that the company has gone further and possibly even struck a deal with Google to launch a Nexus tablet later this year.

This could be the much needed boost for the company if the rumors turn out to be true. As with any speculative report, there’s no confirmation as of now, so we advise you to take the report with a grain of salt. However, a Nexus tablet from one of the best hardware manufacturers in the industry certainly sounds interesting.

But will HTC actually manage to launch such a tablet, given its relative inexperience in the field? That’s a question which only time can answer. However, the company can certainly make some inroads in the tablet segment with Google’s aid. These speculations also indicate that Google could use HTC as the manufacturer for the 2014 Nexus 7 tablet.

Source: Focus Taiwan

Via: Android Community

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