How to Pair the Moga Pro Controller to Galaxy S4

How to Pair the Moga Pro Controller to Galaxy S4

The Moga Pro Controller offers a great way for you to enjoy your favorite Android games like Asphalt 8, Dead Trigger 2, Modern Combat 4 and other supported games.

Here are the steps that you should apply to successfully pair the Moga Pro Controller to the Galaxy S4 or any compatible Android Smartphone or tablet:

  1. Access the Google Play store by tapping its icon on your Home screen.
  2. Search for the Moga Pivot app.
  3. Download and install the Moga Pivot app.
  4. After the installation of the app has been completed, launch it by tapping its icon from your apps selection.
  5. Upon launching the app, tap the “Turn on Bluetooth” onscreen button.
  6. Confirm your selection by tapping Allow.
  7. Wait for your phone to initialize its Bluetooth.
  8. Switch on the Bluetooth of your Moga Pro controller.
  9. Going back to your phone, tap the onscreen button that says, “Moga is Ready”.
  10. Wait again as your phone searches for your Moga Pro controller. It may take a while (around 30 seconds) to pair the Moga Pro controller to Galaxy S4 so just be patient.
  11. Once the pairing of the Moga Pro controller to Galaxy S4 is complete, tap the “Continue to Moga Pivot App” key on the screen.
  12. Place your device to the clamp of the controller.
  13. Select the game that you like using the controller.

That’s it, you can now enjoy playing your favorite Galaxy S4 game using your Moga Pro controller.

How to Check if an Android Game is Compatible with the Moga Pro Controller

Be reminded that not all Android games are supported by the Moga app and controller. To check if the game that you want to play is compatible with your controller, use the search bar of your Moga Pivot app to look for the game. If the search result displays the “Play” option, that means you can play that particular game using your controller.

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