How to Fix a Moto G Stuck at Downloading

Moto G Stuck at Downloading

An email sent to us recently through The Droid Guy Mailbag reads, “My Moto X got stuck at ‘Downloading’ while trying to get an app from Google Play store. What should I do about it?”

How to Fix a Moto G Stuck at Downloading in Google Play Store

The following solutions will likely fix a Moto G stuck at “Downloading”:

Turn Off the Data Saver Feature of the Moto G

According to the Support page of Google, disabling the Data Saving feature of the Moto G will let you proceed with the download if you plan on using mobile data. Here’s how to do it:

1. In the homescreen, press the Menu key.

2. Proceed to Settings.

3. Go to the Battery & Data Manager section.

4. Choose the Data Saver option.

5. Uncheck the box in the “Enable data saver” option.

Based on the source, the Data Saver feature of Motorola phones only allow downloads using Wi-Fi network. It prevents Google Play downloads when Wi-Fi is disconnected and only mobile data is active. So, disabling this will likely solve the problem.

Other Solutions

If the problem persists, try the solutions provided in the article, Sony Xperia Z Gets ‘Download was unsuccessful’ Error from Play Store. This will show you in particular how to clear cache and data from the Google Play store app and how to uninstall its updates, which worked for some Android users who were at some point stuck in their Google Play downloads.

But before applying the Factory Reset, try the solutions discussed in the “Samsung Galaxy S3 Hangs and Google Play Errors Appear” with emphasis on the solution which involves resetting the unit’s app preferences.

If going through all the things mentioned in this article and our previous articles related to the issue fail to work, that’s the time for you consider doing a Factory Reset after backing up all your data.

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Source: Google Support

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