Google Starts Rejecting Games With “Flappy” In Title

The recent pull out of Flappy Bird by its creator from the Google Play store has left a vacuum which a lot of enterprising individuals are happy to fill. A lot of clones have already been available even when Flappy Bird was still at the top of the charts and now that it is gone a wave of games with the name “Flappy” in its title such as Flappy Fish, Flappy Pig, or Splashy Fish are flooding the Play store.

Google is now actively rejecting new game submissions with “Flappy” in its title, which is obviously a clone of the popular game. While the company has not made any official statement regarding this, several game developers have reported that their games were taken out Google Play. Ken Carpenter of Mind Juice Media discussed his experience with Google saying that “The first time I assumed it was because I included a phrase about ‘Flappy Dragon’ being the best flapping game to play now that ‘Flappy Bird’ is dead. My app was originally published with no issue and was online and searchable for a few hours.”

Right now it seems like it’s only the new clones that are being rejected while those that have already been authorized are still available.

One of the main reasons as to why Flappy clones are being rejected is that most of them contained malicious code. A blanked prohibition in using the word Flappy may be one of the best solutions to stop the spread of malware.

Flappy Bird rose to fame early in 2014 by becoming the top game in Google Play. Its developer however removed it from the online store which became a controversial move that had a lot of people speculating on the real reason. Before it was taken down the game was reportedly earning an estimated $50,000 in revenue from ads alone.

Apple is also rejecting games with Flappy in its title. A company spokesperson said that it’s not simply banning games with Flappy in its title but games that are trying to trick consumers into thinking that it is associated or replacing the real one.

via arstechnica

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