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Google Play Music 5.4 Brings Many New Features To Mobile

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Today’s new update to Google Play Music brings a lot of features to the table, many of them features people have been wanting for awhile.

First off, you can now manage your authorized Google Play devices in the app, instead of going to the website. This is in the new “My Devices” section in the app’s settings.

You can easily remove devices you no longer need, such as old devices or devices you might have returned to where you bought them. You can only use Play Music on 10 different devices, so it’s really nice to see Google letting you manage this in-app.

You can now also cache entire Radio stations for offline playback. You can now tap on “Keep On Device” in the contextual menu and the radio station will be cached. The “I’m Feeling Lucky” Radio station however, is exempt from offline playback.

Also in the settings menu is a new “Refresh Music” button. So if you’ve uploaded something to Google Music from your computer and want it to show up immediately, you can tap the button and it will scan your cloud library for anything new.


Some users have reported a bug where the a Chromecast would also make a duplicate, even though it was not. That bug has been fixed in this new version.

There’s a new “Play Next” button in the contextual menu for songs and albums. You do’t have to clear your playlist or drag things around to pick the next song. If you use iTunes on your computer, this feature should be familiar to you.

In the 5.4 update, there are also some visual changes and additions inside. The Chromecast button has been relocated from the top of the screen to between the like and dislike thumb buttons.

The sidebar also has faster ways to access more areas. So it’s now easier to access the “Settings”, “Help”, and “Send Feedback” menus. Previously, for an area like settings, you had to press the menu button once in the sidebar.

Google Play Music 5.4 Sidebar

There is a new “Playing From” bar that sticks to the top as you scroll. Previously, it would disappear as you scroll, but now it sticks to the top. That’s handy, as it will be easier to know what you’re listening to as you scroll. And if you’re listening to a Radio station, you can reshuffle upcoming songs right from there.

now-playing-Google Play Music 5.4 Now Playing Bar

In the “Listen Now” menu, you can now shuffle both albums and radio stations as well. So if you’re listening to an album by a certain artist, but want to also hear a song from their radio station, you can now do that.

So that’s all the new features in Google Play Music 5.4. That’s quite a few. As usual, this is part of another staged rollout. If you don’t want to have to wait a few days to a few weeks, you can download it at our link. So what do you think of all these improvements?

Source: Android Police

Download Links: (APK) and the Google Play Store

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