Google originally offered to acquire Whatsapp for $10 billion


The biggest acquisition of the year took place yesterday when Facebook acquired Whatsapp for a resounding $16 billion. However, it is now claimed that even Google was in the running for the acquisition of this massively popular IM client.

Google reportedly offered Whatsapp $10 billion, which was later bettered by Facebook in its bid of $16 billion. And unlike Facebook’s bid which is offering a position among the board of directors for the founder of Whatsapp, Google didn’t offer any such perk, so it was obvious why Facebook managed to successful snatch the popular cross platform IM client.

Facebook has gained quite a lot with this acquisition as Whatsapp has over 450 million users as of recently. The IM client is believed to be adding 1.2 million users per day, indicating an even quicker growth in the coming days. Given Facebook’s vast reach around the world, we can see Whatsapp hitting many more devices. The functionality of the app however should remain unchanged, much like Instagram which was acquired by Facebook in September 2012.

Source: Fortune

Via: The Verge