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Google Maps 7.6 Released With New Features



Well this is a really good update to Google Maps. There are new transit options, suggested driving improvements, and improvements to the “Offers” part of the app.

Let’s start with the suggested driving improvements. Before the update, if you wanted to change your route or find alternate ones if you were stuck in traffic, you had to restart from the beginning.

Now the app will notify you automatically that a faster route is available and give you the option to follow that new route. Out of all the improvements to the Android version, this is the only feature that is also available on iOS with version 2.6 on that platform.

Navigation with Dynamic Rerouting

It looks like Google is using their Waze acquisition from last June lately. Waze also notifies users that a faster route is available and gives them the option to automatically follow that new route. Hopefully Google brings even more Waze features to Maps in the future.

The “Offers” screen in Google Maps has also had a revamp. Some of the icons have been updated, but there is also an improved “Your Offers” section. This means that your offer history has been separated from active offers, making it easier to find which deals are still offered. You can also sort the offers by their location, the name of the business, or the dates for when the offers start/expire.

Transit navigation also has new improvements. You can now select more than one preferred mode. So if you like to take the bus and the subway, but not trams, you can make the first two your priority.

There is also a new feature from the web version of Google Maps that is now on Android. You can now specify, if you pick driving directions, to “Avoid ferries”. This is only part of driving mode, so it only applies to ferries that can take your car with them.


That’s a lot of improvements for a small version number bump. So you can either wait for the update to roll out to your phone, or you can download it here. So enjoy the new features!

Sources: Google and Android Police

APK: Box

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