Flappy Bird To Be Removed From Sale


Flappy Bird, the delightful and irritable game, will be no more. Today on Twitter, the developer of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen, has announced that as of tomorrow, February 9th, the game will be no more.

Dong says that he is not taking it down because of legal issues, though. Flappy Bird has been noticed to be using very similar art from the old 8-bit Super Mario games, specifically the pipes.

Flappy Bird is also not available for sale to any other development companies, so an official version will not pop back up. But rest assured that there will be other versions available anyway.

So basically, we don’t know why Flappy Bird is no longer available, as of February 9th. But it sounds like he is tired of the attention the game has been getting, with him getting asked for interviews. He is probably also tired of the hate this game has been getting from users who complain that it is too hard.

So if you want to play Flappy Bird (and probably delete it shortly afterwards), you’d better do it while you can. Especially iOS users. Android users will probably be able to find the APK online, but iOS users will have a tougher time finding it. Also, now there will be no Windows Phone version of Flappy Bird.

So, as usual Flappy Bird is free on both the App Store and Google Play. Personally, I wish the developer best of luck with his future endeavors, along with the money he has and will continue to make from the ads.

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Download: iOS App Store, Android Google Play

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