Fixing the “Not Enough Space To Install This Item” Error in Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Not Enough Space To Install This Item

A new email reached us via The Droid Guy Mailbag which reads, “I have a 4GB memory in my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone. But every time I try to download WhatsApp, Facebook ,Tango, Candy Crush and others, it brings out the “not enough space to install this item” error in my phone. Why is that happening when my previous Alcatel used to download all that and plenty of others?”

Possible Solution to the “Not Enough Space To Install This Item” Error in Samsung Galaxy Note 2

If you are encountering an error similar to the one which was sent to us, here are ways to fix it:

1. Restart the Smartphone

Try to check if a simple restart will fix the error. Restarting usually solves minor glitches experienced by Smartphones or its sometimes provides a temporary solution to a recurring error.

2. Delete or Move Some Files

Verify if there is really enough space to install the app that you want. Open the “SD Card & Phone Storage” option under Settings to check if there is enough free space for the app that you are looking to install.

Note that not because the manufacturer says your phone has 4GB of memory, you will also get 4GB of free memory. Sometimes, this is misleading because when you buy a phone, it already comes with a lot of pre-installed apps (a.k.a. bloatware) which take up plenty of memory. That means, you will only get to use less than 4GB for apps and default file storage.

The bad news is that you cannot delete most of the preinstalled apps in your device. So, just delete the third-party apps that you are no longer using and other contents which are no longer of use to you. Alternatively, you can transfer all the photos, videos and music that are no longer useful to your external memory or computer.

3. Install Each App One by One

Do not download the apps altogether. Wait for the first to finish before putting another one so as not to overwhelm your device with simultaneous downloads.

4. Clear Memory, Clear Cache, Clear Data and Factory Reset

If any of the mentioned solutions do not work, try clearing your Google Play cache and data, then clear your RAM and do a Factory Reset if all else fails.

Read how to clear cache and clear data here.

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