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FCC Chairman not too optimistic about Sprint’s plan to merge with T-Mobile

T-Mobile LogoThe CEOs of Softbank and Sprint met with FCC officials yesterday to discuss the acquisition and merger of Sprint and T-Mobile. But it is now revealed that the FCC chairman isn’t too interested in the deal going through. Given that the No 3 and No 4 carriers in the country are merging, it is clear that the FCC doesn’t see the deal as good news for the consumers. An official related to Softbank in Tokyo said the following in response – “I’m not unduly surprised by the FCC chairman’s skepticism. I feel it’s a rather typical reaction.”

The Department of Justice has already voiced its opposition to the deal and with FCC almost on the verge of following suit, the deal will mostly likely not go through. Softbank and Sprint wouldn’t want to lose too much money in break-up fees if the deal is to be stalled, so it’s logical that the authorities make things very clear to the parties involved. We should have more clarity on the status of the deal in the coming weeks, but things look pretty grim at the moment.

Source: Reuters

Via: Phone Arena

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