EZCast Is A Chromecast Clone With Miracast Support

Devices that plug into the HDMI port of a TV and stream content while using the smartphone as a remote control are becoming popular today thanks to the Chromecast. While Google’s Chromecast costs $35 a challenger from China called EZCast functions the same and costs cheaper at $27.

EZCast does not use Google’s Cast protocol though instead relying on Miracast and EZCast technology to stream content.  This makes it more versatile compared to Google’s device. Consumers will be able to choose any photo, video, music, and any other content from their mobile device and view it on the TV. Since the device supports Miracast it allows the TV to act as an external display for a mobile deivce.

The EZCast isn’t the first device of this kind however it is the first that looks very similar to the Chromecast down to the logo. The most noticeable difference is that the clone requires a special USB cable to connect to your home network.

EZCast Features

  • CPU: Actions (600MHz/1GHz)
  • Storage: NAND Flash-128MB
  • OS: Linux
  • UI: Standard UI
  • Software: feature EZCast
  • Support: Windows/MacOS/Android/iOS by EZCast APP(sharing local and web file to tv screen)
  • DLNA:DMP:   Display photo, audio and videos base on DLNA protocol Android/IOS
  • EZMirror(Miracast): Support miracast function(certified with wifi display)
  • Air Cast (Airplay): Support ios with Air cast
  • soft AP: Cell phone can connect to EZCast-AP to another WIFI router
  • remote control:  Android/Windows/IOS/MAC software: EZCast app
  • Wi-Fi Module:  Yes
  • Wi-Fi:  802.11b/g/n 150Mbps 2.4Ghz

With only a small difference in price between the Chromecast and the EZCast it’s more likely that consumers will go with the Chromecast. Those looking for a way to mirror their mobile device display on a TV might want to take a look at the EZCast though as this feature is being supported.

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