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Entry level Project Ara based devices to cost just $50

Project Ara

Google and Motorola jointly announced the Project Ara modular smartphone concept back in October. According to this concept, users will be able to customize their smartphone down to every detail. Google has now announced that it plans to launch the entry level Project Ara device for as low as $50. The hardware on this device will only consist of a Wi-Fi chip, a touchscreen and other essential components required for its functioning. But given the customization options offered for the users, we think $50 is an extremely low price point to start with. The exact implementation of this isn’t clear yet, but we’ll know more about that during the developer conference in April. The modular smartphone division is something which Google got to keep after it sold Motorola to Lenovo last month.

The Project Ara team reportedly wants to set up kiosks in regions across the U.S. and allow users to pick their own modules for the smartphone. This will be accompanied by all the tools necessary to add the required parts to the device. It is said that the first Project Ara device will hit markets sometime in early 2015.

Source: Time

Via: Android Central

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