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Dual boot Geeksphone Revolution launching next Thursday

Geeksphone Revolution

The Geeksphone Revolution made the news in a big way when it was revealed that the smartphone would run both Firefox OS and Android side by side. The smartphone is now revealed to be launching next Thursday on the 20th of February with an estimated pricing of $400 or $370 if you hop in early and register. The smartphone is based on an Intel made chipset and is very interesting even when we take into account the fact that it isn’t too heavy on hardware.

But a revelation from Engadget claims that this smartphone might not be a true multi-boot device. If the shaky translation is anything to go by, this smartphone could feature Android by default and users will have to install Firefox OS/Boot2Gecko on their own. It is believed that the smartphone will not be able to handle multiple operating systems at once and one OS will have to overwrite the other in order to function correctly. So we’re not sure if this can be classified as a dual boot device with so many caveats involved. We expect some clarification from Geeksphone on this issue, as we don’t see the smartphone having any impact on the market if it doesn’t live up to the hype.

Source: Engadget Spanish – Translated

Via: Pocketnow

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