Carriers will get a secret preview of the HTC smartwatch at the MWC: Rumor


According to a new report, HTC is looking to give a demonstration of its rumored smartwatch behind closed doors to prominent carriers of the world. This demonstration will reportedly take place during the MWC event next week with no access to outsiders.

We’re guessing HTC wants to gauge the carriers’ interest with its smartwatch before bringing it to the market, which is a very good call. The manufacturer is also reportedly working on a Google Now based smartwatch and a fitness oriented wrist band, which may or may not be showcased at the MWC. There are no additional details available at the moment, but we have heard earlier in the day that HTC’s smartwatch will be based off the Qualcomm Toq, which has been a moderate success since its launch in December.

The Mobile World Congress will kick off in just a few days from now, so we will know more about this smartwatch and any other devices that the Taiwanese manufacturer is looking to show off by then.

Source: Bloomberg

Via: Droid-Life

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  1. One other smartwatch to launch in February is the SmartQ Z-Watch ($155)

    The Smart Q Z-Watch is made by Smart Devices, which won a 2013 CTIA E-Tech Award for innovation and offers a new updated model from the original launched late last year and now features Android 4.4 that works with the iPhone and Android phones to handle phone calls and view texts and schedule.

    The Z-Watch has specs that compare to the upcoming Galaxy 2 watch, however is much more competitively priced, with the Z-Watch offering an advanced 1Ghz processor, a long-lasting 300 mAh battery, a high resolution color touchscreen display, a full-featured MP3 Player; as well as a Walking/Jogging Pedometer and sleep analyzer and the ability to use the watch to play music while exercising and keeping walking/jogging stats.

    Available at the same price point as the Pebble Watch, the Z-Watch has much more to offer as the Pebble features a monochrome non-touch display and a processor limited to 180Mhz. The Pebble also restricts a maximum of 8 Apps that can be installed.

    One of the first sources to offer the new, updated edition of the Smart Q Z-watch is — TabletMaxx — which also includes a premium headset for MP3 Music Player function as well as an extra leather watch strap…

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