Audience MQ100 Chip Allows Always-On Motion Tracking To Mobile Devices

At the MWC 2014 today Audience, the leader in advanced voice and audio processing for mobile devices, announced a new chip that brings always-on motion tracking to smartphones without draining its battery. This means that health enthusiasts will no longer need additional fitness trackers since its job can now be efficiently handled by a smartphone.

According to Audience the MQ100 chip is a standalone motion processor that only uses 5mW of power while constantly getting data from the various sensors (gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer, and pressure sensors) of a mobile device. Most devices will need to consume between 60mW to 200mW to get the same data.

Peter Santos, president and CEO of Audience, said that “Premium smartphones need to be Always-on, so they can understand and act upon voice commands and continuously track motion, enabling apps like health and fitness tracking. Our new MotionQ technology, combined with VoiceQ, will enable broad contextual awareness on mobile devices at extremely low power, providing truly natural user experiences.”

This isn’t the first time that this kind of technology has been implemented as the iPhone 5S for instance also has its own motion-processor in the A7 chip. The MQ100 aims to bring similar capabilities to any Android device.

Aside from this new motion coprocessor the company also showcased its new voice processors, the eS703 and eS705,  that come with advanced voice processing features. It features VoiceQ technology that is an “always on” listening mode ready to act on verbal commands while consuming a significantly lower amount of power.

Some of the features of VoiceQ technology include

  • Technology that enables the device to wake up based on factory-programmed or user-dependent keywords, even in noisy conditions.
  • Continuous VoiceQ eliminates the need to pause between the wake-up command and the rest of the instruction – “OK Audience – play music.”
  • The device wakes up only when needed, enabling ultra-low-power —<1.5 mA battery current drain— Always-on voice sensing.

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