AT&T launches upgraded family plan with unlimited talk/text and 10GB of data

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AT&T has announced a new upgrade on its existing family plans, providing more data than usual. Starting from $130 for two lines, this new plan will give users unlimited talk/text and 10GB of data. For each additional family member, AT&T will charge $15 more. So for 4 users, families will have to pay $160 per month, which is much cheaper than rival offerings. Verizon offers similar plans for $260, which AT&T proudly mentions in the announcement, so there’s quite a bit of savings to be had. This new updated family plan will go live today.

To be eligible for this plan, customers will need to sign up for the AT&T Next monthly installment program. Users will have to bring their own phone, buy one at full retail price or simply apply for AT&T Next and pay monthly installments on the new phone. So this plan makes more sense for people who already have a smartphone with them and don’t require a new device, so as to save the monthly installment costs of a new phone. This is a pretty neat idea and one which will take on the likes of Verizon as well as T-Mobile which has heated up the competition from the past few months.

Source: AT&T

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