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Alleged press render of the Samsung Galaxy S5 leaks out

Galaxy S5 Press Render

The image you see above is reportedly of the Samsung Galaxy S5 in its final avatar. The source claims that this is the final press render of the smartphone, so we might get to see a lot of these in future promotional materials from Samsung. The handset has a slightly squarer design and the display is revealed to have Samsung’s core apps like S Health and Samsung Hub. The home button is prominently visible here and hasn’t been ditched as some rumors claimed, which is welcome news for Samsung fans.

The Galaxy S5 is building up enough hype in the industry due to a variety of upgrades it is rumored to show off. One of those include the super high resolution QHD 2K (2560 x 1440) resolution display across the 5.25 inch display, which was recently confirmed by a leak. Another crucial feature is the fingerprint sensing technology which is reportedly embedded within the bottom left and bottom right portion of the display. We’re not too sure if the rumor about the fingerprint scanner will materialize, but given Samsung’s ability to bring up something new every year, we won’t be surprised to see this feature on board. The announcement takes place on the 24th of February in Barcelona, so stay tuned to The Droid Guy for more on the new Samsung flagship.

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