Xiaomi Will Launch A 5200mAh Portable Power Bank For Only $5

When you are out on a long trip and your smartphone battery is nearly drained you have three choices. If you brought our charger with you and there’s a readily available power outlet you can charge your device. If you have a spare battery with you then you can simply swap the battery as long as it is user-removable. You can also just plug in your portable power bank which stores enough power to fully charge your smartphone.

There are various power bank modes available in the market today that have varying capacities. Some can fully charge your device once while others can do it three or four times. One interesting model is the upcoming 5200mAh model from Xiaomi that’s going to cost only $5. That’s already quite a bargain considering that it is capable of charging a device at least once (or twice if the battery capacity is in the 2000mAh range).

xiaomi 5200 a

This the second power bank that the company has announced as last month it launched a 10,400mAh battery pack which costs only $11 and caused quite a stir worldwide. The latest power bank while having only half the charge of the first model comes in at a cheaper price.

Just like the first model this new power bank will also come in several color options as what has been revealed in several leaked photos.

Xiaomi did not reveal when this will be launched but it appears that it is going to hit the market very soon.

Power banks have become one of them most important accessories any smartphone owner can have. Its importance increases once a device gets fully drained and an important call or message is expected. If there is no power outlet available to chare the device and it does not have a user-removable battery then a power bank is the best option.

It used to be that these battery packs cost a considerable amount of money but newer models released in the market have a cheap price making them a very viable option.

The next time you are out on a long trip make sure to fully charge your smartphone and bring  a back up source of power to charge your battery.

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